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  Skype over BGAN
Using SKYPE with BGAN Terminals

It is possible to use a BGAN connection to make and receive SKYPE calls for both audio and audio-video calls. Even with the high-latency of BGAN, Skype is optimized to work quite well compared with other VoIP applications that transmit over satellite. Do note that Skype is not 100% reliable like the phone service provided by BGAN terminals and dropouts and jitter can happen.

Skype Bandwidth Needs

Note that it lists the bandwidth minimum requirements, and Skype will try to use more bandwidth if possible.

IMPORTANT: If you are signed in to Skype but not making any calls, Skype will use on average 0-4kbps, so make sure to turn off SKYPE when not in use on your BGAN terminal because you are charged per Megabyte transferred with BGAN.

Audio calls with a 30 x 30 speed are not a problem with BGAN. Video calls use a lot more bandwidth, so if you are having issues with the quality of your video calls, we recommend closing other applications that may be using the Internet connection.

Skype "International Calling" DOES allow one to call the satellite phone number of any BGAN or IsatPhone satellite phone with Skype's International calling plans. As of March 2016, the rate was $2.62 USD per minute to call a phone connected to a BGAN terminal. Incoming calls to the BGAN are free, and only the calling party using Skype is being charged.

Here is a link to Skype's International calling plans. Just type in "Inmarsat" to list the calling rate.

Here are instructions for making and receiving calls using a BGAN terminal.


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