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A Broadband Hotspot At Any Location
The T-50 all-purpose communications trailer, manufactured by Ground Control, can be quickly deployed at any location to create a high-speed satellite Internet connection and then automatically establish wireless access point for any in-range device. This all-purpose communications tool can provide essential Internet and phone five minutes after parking, and free up the towing vehicle to perform other tasks.

Low Cost Solution
The T-50 is our budget conscious solution for organizations that just require a transportable solution without the features of the T-100 trailer. Its durable design and lightweight suspension allow equipment to be securely transported into any environment. The reinforced locking cabinet houses a 6RU or 8RU rackmount case and an optional portable generator, such as the Honda 1000 watt EU1000 or EU2000.

Simple Operation
Operation is as easy as starting the generator, switching on the power inside the rackmount case, and pressing the "Deploy" button on the Toughsat TS2 ACU (Antenna Control Unit). The mobile satellite dish will deploy, lock on satellite, and automatically create a Wi-Fi access point for high-speed Internet in about 3.5 minutes. No other interaction is needed for full operation, and there is no special licensing or certification required to operate. Stowing the dish is just as easy... Just press the "Stow" button.

T-50 Communications Trailer Features
Heavy-duty all-weather construction, fully designed and manufactured by Ground Control.
Bundled with our High-Performance Satellite Service providing 5Mbps x 2Mbps Internet speeds.
We offer special service pricing for Public Safety Organizations. SAFECOM complaint.
The trailer may be deployed and operated by anyone with little or no training.
Stabilization jacks are not required for normal use.
The 6RU rackmount electronics case may be moved 50' from trailer (such as a tent or structure).
The 6RU rackmount case has 2.5 RU space for customer added equipment. (8RU cases available).
The trailer body is powder coated and rust protected from the elements.
The trailer suspension rated for light load mobility, can be towed by any vehicle without issue.
The trailer is designed to fully operate in extreme weather, including very high-winds.
The front cabinet door is lockable with heavy duty latch assemblies.
If phone service is needed, our VoIP phone service is exceptional for $49.95/mo per phone - more

Toughsat T-50 Included Equipment
The Toughsat XP or SP Mobile Satellite System (May also use any dish we offer).
The Toughsat TS2 ACU (1RU) with integrated 4-port wireless router.
The powerful iDirect Evolution X5 Satellite Router including the 1.5RU rackmount shelf.
AC Power Conditioner (1RU) for 8 - 120 VAC outlets - Good for keeping power clean.
Rackmount case (6RU) for electronics that is easily moved (larger case sizes available).
50' (14 meters) ACU cable (electronics case may be located in a structure or tent).
There are quick-release straps for securing equipment inside of large storage area.
Four easy-crank stabilization jacks - Good for high winds and uneven terrain.
Spare tire (located behind ball).

Optional T-50 Add-On Items
Honda 1000 EU1000i watt portable generator ($999) or Honda 2000 EU200i ($1,200). more
Optional trailer dolly with 2" ball for moving trailer by hand. $99.
Optional Event Billing Software - Create a Wi-Fi Internet Cafe anywhere. $250. more
Optional - Add your organizational logos (w/ minimum order) - or we can leave off all GC logos.

Toughsat Warranty Toughsat Extended and Lifetime Warranties
Ground Control offers extended warranties to the T-50 trailer as well as a $25.95/mo lifetime warranty on radio electronics that includes the satellite router, the BUC transmitter, and the LNB. More

  Toughsat T-50 Frontside   Toughsat T-50 Trailer Backside  
The T-50 Communications Trailer consists of a large front cabinet and an installation surface for any mobile satellite system.
The dish installation of the T-50 is wide and long enough for the largest 1.2 meter mobile satellite solution we offer. The $7,999 includes the cost of dish installation.
T-50 Doors Open
  T-50 Rack Case  
The cabinet has enough room for an 8RU rackmount case. Note the spare tire is easily accessible from above.
The 8RU case can be securely mounted inside of the cabinet, or moved into a vehicle for transportation.
  T-50 Crank   T-50 Crank Up  
The leveling jacks are easily positioned into place and secure the platform for high winds, or uneven terrain.
The leveling jack pivots parallel with the trailer when not in use. A quick-release spring-loaded securing pin makes easy work of pivoting the jack into any orientation.
  T-50 Trailer Connector   T-100 Long Range Cordless Phones  
The T-50 trailer uses a 7-pole RV style trailer connector.
Ground Control offers Long-Range Cordless Phones that stay connected up to 5 miles from the trailer. This solution above uses 4 phones that each have their own phone number using Ground Control's VoIP Satellite Phone Service.
    Toughsat Controller Front and Back  
The Toughsat TS2 ACU has powerful tools that maintain high-speed connectivity. The iDirect Evolution X5 satellite router is also standard equipment.
The Toughsat TS2 ACU has easy one-button "Deploy" and "Stow" buttons for simple operation. The integrated wireless router allows the controller to be accessed from any authorized in-range device.
Our flagship mobile satellite system
manufactured and supported by us.
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