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  BGAN Usage - What to Expect

Since BGAN service is very expensive when compared with using a cable modem or DSL service, our clients like to know what to expect when they connect their laptop up to a BGAN terminal.

Step 1. Download a Free Bandwidth Monitor Utility
You can see RIGHT NOW what you are actually transferring from your laptop over the Internet way before you connect it to a BGAN terminal by using this Bandwidth Monitor Utility.

A Rough Idea Of What To Expect
A web page is between 50 to 150 Kilobytes (there are 1000 Kilobytes to 1 Megabyte) You can view on average about 10 web pages for about 1 MegaByte of data. If a web page has video, the video itself is very data intensive, and you could be transferring 1 Megabyte every 15 to 30 seconds.

Email's are fairly small, but their attachments are sometimes large. Estimate about 20Kilobytes for every email.

Flash videos are very bandwidth intensive, and will transfer at the max speed of the BGAN terminal. Estimate 1 Megabyte every 20 to 30 seconds.

Phone calls do not add to your data usage. You are billed separately for placing a phone call at $0.99 cents per minute to any cellphone or landline worldwide. Incoming calls are free, however, the calling party will be paying for making an international call to your "satellite phone".

Also note that there are some background applications like Windows Update and other services that connect to the Internet and add to overall usage. However, these services may be easily disabled. Please read the next paragraph for the big picture on optimizing your laptop to be on the BGAN network.

The Good News
The good news is that much of the above data usage can be cut down in size if you follow some simple tricks to optimize a laptop for the BGAN network. Please read this BGAN Optimization Page from Ground Control for cutting your BGAN usage. You can also purchase one of our Optimized BGAN Laptops that has been preconfigured reduce data to a fraction of normal use.

BGAN Terminals  
BGAN Optimized Laptop
Prices - $699 USD
Cut online usage to a trickle with a BGAN optimized laptop. This Windows 7 computer has utilities that monitor usage, reduces email and web data, and provides other features as video conferencing. All the tools needed to make the BGAN experience exceptional.
BGAN Optimized Laptop

Know Your Usage - Anytime
Many BGAN terminals will display from their web interface how much data has been transferred. You can also email and request a BGAN Usage report (for your BGAN Ground Control service) at any time so you know exactly what you have used and how much you have left.

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