Satellite IoT: Making terrestrial applications work anywhere

Leveraging our expertise and partnerships with industry leading manufacturers and network providers – both satellite and cellular – we work with customers to understand their remote site challenges and deliver best-fit, value-driven solutions to overcome them.

Unlocking Actionable Insights

Satellite IoT enables remote asset access, gathering crucial data for informed decision making. Including out-of-range alerts, historical reporting, and reliable and accurate control signals.

Seamless Global

Satellite technology expands network coverage worldwide, offering both always-on and backhaul connectivity for remote assets. Ensure your operations remain connected, even if the grid stops.

Efficient Sensor Communication

Discover edge WAN terminals, advanced processing, and sensor connectors. Satellite-enabled gateways efficiently connect sensors, ensuring real-time data transfer, analysis, and control.

Connecting with the Physical World

Satellite connectivity enables sensor and actuator interaction with the physical environment. From digital inputs to cameras and flow valves to monitoring human biometrics like heart rate.

Empowering Industry

Our Industry Partners

Ground Control makes remote operations easy

With over 20 years of experience – across all sectors – we specialise in connecting hard-to-reach people and things. With cost-effective airtime, customisable products, and seasoned field technicians, we can support you at every stage of your connectivity journey.

Our comprehensive platform Cloudloop simplifies device, data, and subscription management. Encompassing data delivery configuration, provisioning, security, payments, billing, and analytics, we even offer Cloudloop Tracking for mobile asset monitoring. Customers have the flexibility to use the Cloudloop interface to the extent they prefer, with every function programmable through our REST APIs.

Further, our newly introduced Cloudloop data streamlines data transmission. Say goodbye to extensive data preprocessing. Cloudloop data delivers your information in the desired format, ensuring seamless operations and maximising the value derived from your applications.

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