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Leveraging our expertise and partnerships with industry leading manufacturers and network providers – both satellite and cellular – we work with customers to understand their remote site challenges, and provide intelligent satellite communication systems to overcome them.
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Accurate, real time data from infrastructure and assets at every point in the supply chain is a must for the Utilities industry. Ground Control can deliver a secure, 360° view of your data, enabling remote monitoring, and giving you the business intelligence you need to orchestrate utility supply through SCADA, IoT and M2M solutions.


Ground Control can enable substantial operational improvements through the transmission of sensor data from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote. From exploration to flowback testing and drilling to recovery – we’ve got you covered at every stage of the oil well lifecycle.


Reliable communications can supply logistics controllers with accurate data about your fleet, but cellular connectivity only extends so far. With Ground Control you can receive telematics data from anywhere, increasing operational efficiency, reducing your carbon footprint, and ensuring compliance with current legislation.


Satellite connectivity is a must for ocean-bound vessels and data buoys alike, and with Ground Control’s solutions, container ships, fishing fleets and yachts have phone, email, voice and data capabilities, wherever and whatever the conditions. We also offer intelligent tracking solutions to aid compliance and route optimisation.


With smart agriculture becoming more commonplace, satellite connectivity opens up huge possibilities for farmers in remote areas to take advantage of Agri-Tech. Our solutions enable you to gather all of the data you need to plan planting and harvesting more effectively – and even measure livestock’s wellbeing.


We help Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and service integrators stretch their coverage and services, beyond more urbanised areas, to rural and remote locations. By enabling satellite backhaul and failover connectivity solutions, MNOs can continue to support their communities, even when terrestrial networks are unavailable.


When you’re in a light aircraft or helicopter travelling over remote terrain, tracking and two-way communication is critical, whether you’re operating commercial flights or delivering emergency aid. Ground Control’s solutions provide global coverage for aviators, reliably and securely transmitting critical data from anywhere in the world.


We work with first responders and the military all over the world, providing real-time, pole to pole coverage over land, air and sea. Delivering mission critical, secure communications, we ensure you’re still able to communicate when the grid stops.

Why Ground Control

Remote operations just got easier

Satellite communications are complex with technical expertise required across hardware, firmware, installation, connectivity and more. With over 20 years’ experience - across all sectors - our team can help make the complex, simple.


Proud to manufacture some of the most reliable and innovative devices on the market, we also work with other leading OEMs such as Cobham, Hughes and Thales. We pair you with precisely the right product for your needs, and can offer customisation to better support your operations.

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Ground Control combines multiple Tier one and Gold network partnerships to ensure your mission-critical operations run effortlessly. Working with satellite airtime providers - including Iridium, Inmarsat and Eutelsat - and many more in the cellular space, we deliver a seamless network experience.

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Ground Control’s connectivity solutions facilitate incredible initiatives all over the world, and a substantial proportion of those are delivered by our vibrant, creative partner channel. With access to a team of pre-sales, business development and support individuals, we’re able to work with you to ensure you have everything you need to achieve success.

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As networks and satellite connections grow, airtime and asset management becomes crucial for business operations. Ground Control offers an intelligent, cloud-based billing and monitoring platform - Cloudloop. With Cloudloop you are able to exercise full control of your assets, delivering hundreds of thousands of data points, which you can turn into actionable insight.



We have field technicians located in satellite usage hotspots like Texas and the east coast of Scotland. So once we’ve identified the best solution for your needs, we can install it for you and provide maintenance contracts to ensure your devices work brilliantly throughout their lifespan.

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The work we support genuinely inspires us, and we're proud to create solutions and solve customer problems like no one else can. Read up on our stories to learn how remote connectivity is helping support our customers across the globe today.

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With 20 years of experience, we can help you make the best choices for your critical communication infrastructure.

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