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Extreme racing events often take competitors into remote parts of the world: yacht races that cross oceans, ultra marathons that cross mountains, and car rallies that cross deserts, to name but a few! For the safety of all competitors, GPS tracking and monitoring is essential, and when events move out of cellular connectivity, you’ll need satellite connectivity to ensure that there are no black spots where participants and vehicles can’t be found.

Equally, if support is needed, you’re going to want to make sure your support crew can communicate with competitors and Event HQ – so having two way communication that also functions both in and out of cellular range is a safety must-have.


“YB Tracking’s marketing line for the YB v3 is “Robust, Reliable, and Well Designed” and it seems to be very accurate. It can take a lot of abuse. Temps around -30C, freezing super-cooled rain (that sucks!), sleet, torrential rain… no problem.” – Review from Jaakko Heikka, professional wilderness guide

Ground Control is the parent company of YB Tracking, who have been providing tracking, monitoring and messaging devices for extreme races since 2009. YB started out by equipping yachts with waterproof, ruggedized, tracking devices that also enable short messages – texts, social media updates, short emails – to be sent and received. The applications for other off-the-beaten-track events were soon apparent, and YB devices are being used for land, sea and air events.

The difference between YB and Ground Control is, in short, that YB is designed for rental or personal use. The equivalent products in the Ground Control range can only be purchased, and come with access to a fleet management system. If you’re unsure about what you need, get in touch.

Ground Control and YB Tracking Devices

The RockSTAR and YB3, and the RockFLEET and the YB3i, are both manufactured by Ground Control, and they are identical in terms of hardware. The difference is in the management system access; if you are looking for a fleet of devices then the Rock products are the correct choice. If you are looking for a single tracker for personal use, or you are looking to rent units for a short period of time, YB would be the correct choice.

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