Logistics Connectivity

Applications of IoT in Logistics

The transport sector is experiencing a boom in demand thanks to the growth of internet shopping, but it’s under scrutiny to improve driver safety and commit to sustainability initiatives.

The Internet of Things (IoT) can help drive value by allowing logistics companies to track shipments, ensuring that goods can be offloaded efficiently, that drivers are following company guidance for mileage and speed, and that customers are kept informed about the whereabouts of their delivery.

The data can also be merged with traffic, weather and previous journey data to help logistics companies plot the most fuel-efficient and safe route.


“In addition to the internal information requirements, vendors such as carriers, warehouse operators, and 3PLs also need to exchange information with the logistics team on a daily basis to ensure that the company’s products are delivered at the right time to the right place at the right cost.” – BlueGrace

Another key reason for satellite connectivity in logistics is to maintain continuous communication with drivers, pilots and helmsmen. It’s not easy to do this if they’re travelling across remote areas, but it’s critical to build efficiency into your supply chain.

Through regular two-way communication you can ensure that your fleet, your customers and your back office staff are all made aware of hold ups or problems; you can respond more quickly in an emergency; and you can expedite certain deliveries if needed.

Ground Control specialises in bringing your data home: through a combination of satellite and cellular connectivity, we ensure that, when you have to deliver, we’ve got you covered.

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