Renewables Connectivity

Reliable Data Transfer for Renewable Energy Providers

Renewable energy sources tend to be in remote or difficult to access locations. Through our innovative approach to solving data communication challenges, we have developed end-to-end solutions that help our customers in the renewable energy industry retrieve their data from the field.

We offer flexible airtime plans that are designed specifically for the data measurement requirements of our renewable energy customers. The airtime plans include a device and data management platform that supports all communication options – Satellite and Cellular – and an easy to integrate API.

At Ground Control, we work with our partners to ensure the have the data communication they need for the multiple stages of their renewable energy project.


“IoT can help the energy sector to transform from a centralized to a distributed, smart, and integrated energy system. This is a key requirement in deploying local, distributed RESs, such as wind and solar energy.” – Motlagh et al, 2020.

The amount of energy a wind or solar farm is going to produce is the single biggest driver of renewable economics. Accurate assessment is a critical factor in developing successful projects and has a direct impact on which projects are financed and constructed and which are not.

Because measurements of a variety of meteorological parameters are typically taken over the course of several years, providing a stable communication link that enables critical data from remote sensors to be sent for analysis is essential for any renewable energy company. This data is needed to both secure project financing and make other vital decisions throughout the life of the project.

Ground Control has worked extensively in the utilities market and has successfully partnered with many companies across the globe to retrieve this metering and monitoring data and help our partners achieve their goals.

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