Container Vessel Tracking

Fleet Tracking via Satellite and Cellular

Vessel tracking has always been important to manage the safety of the crew, and in the case of cargo ships, ensure that containers can be offloaded efficiently without time being wasted. Now, government regulations to ensure fishing fleets stay within strictly designated areas, and mandatory reporting of distance travelled and fuel consumed, make vessel tracking essential.

Ground Control specialises in hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity, delivered via ruggedized, fully waterproof devices that are easy to install, operate, and maintain. Our services provide fleets with a virtually real-time view of each vessel’s location, and we’ve worked closely with regulatory bodies to ensure that the data our system outputs is compatible with government requirements across the globe.


“[Deploying fuel monitoring and vessel tracking systems] achieves safe operations, cost optimisation, emissions reduction, and operational efficiency” – Saudi Aramco VP

A key asset for fleet owners is Ground Control’s Cloudloop data management platform. This manages your billing, and allows the remote activation and deactivation of services to help you manage costs and usage.

That’s just the start, though; Cloudloop was designed to integrate with other software programs through its API architecture, allowing owners to overlay the physical location of each vessel with weather forecast platform data, map overlays, their start point and destination, and much more.

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