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Comprehensive Online Coursework
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  Online VSAT Satellite Installation Training For Fixed or Mobile Systems
Online Training - for buyers of satellite syetms only - Fee - $300 USD

Ground Control offers online courses for fixed or mobile satellite system installations. Coursework covers the essentials required to perform an iDirect or Galileo satellite installation, including activation of a system for full use.

Important - Who May Become Certified
VSAT Installation Certification is ONLY offered to individuals or organizations who are purchasing Ground Control equipment, or will soon be using our service. If you are not purchasing equipment, we can not train you.
If you are purasing equipment, please email explaining your connection with Ground Control. Applicants must have a basic grasp of computer networking, such as configuring a home network. If you wish to purchase equipment and service, along with installation training, please call our sales department at 800-773-7168, or email

What To Expect
This online training will consist of several chapters that include both instructional pages and videos that show the step-by-step process of an typical VSAT installation. Most applicants are able to complete the training in one day. The training concludes with an open book (or open web) final exam that must be passed in order to receive certification.

Tools Are Required For Certification
Ground Control VSAT Installation Toolbag
Certified installers are required to have their own PC Windows laptop and installation tools. Here is a LIST OF TOOLS required for certification. Ground Control offers for an additional cost, a tool bag containing the majority of tools required for a satellite installation. Actual use of these tools is not part of the online course, however if you are new to satellite installation, having them does help while taking the course.

Online Training Certification Steps
Step 1 - Contact stating your reason for applying.
Step 2 - Download and complete the VSAT Installation Training Enrollment Form.
Step 3 - Take the course anytime - Link to Online Course (requires password)
Step 4 - Contact for the Final Exam.
Step 5 - Return the final exam to be graded. Pass and receive your certification.

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