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iSavi Ready Case
 iSavi - IsatHub Ready Case - Complete System
iSavi Ready Case
Hardware sales must include service.

System Includes:
iSavi terminal, DC vehicle power supply in a hardened Pelican case. All included accessories including 12 volt vehicle plug charger, AC/DC 100-240 VAC power supply with US, UK, EU and AU plugs, micro USB cable and user manuals on USB flash drive.
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Ground Control's iSavi Ready Case Kit protects your investment. These cases are watertight, airtight, dust proof, crush proof and the foam core padding keeps equipment safe from falling shock, extreme environments or just long term storage. Establish a portable mobile office anywhere with a global WiFi hotspot. Connect any wireless capable device up to 100 meters away. The rugged Pelican case is outstanding from keeping equipment protected during transportation, or extreme weather.

WiFi Hotspot - Ready To Go
The iSavi terminal is ultra-portable and works with any smartphone, tablet or wireless laptop. The hardened case lets you take the terminal anywhere on the planet and set up shop in seconds.

Small Pelican Case
Hardened Pelican Case
We ship the iSavi in a hardened Pelican 1200 waterproof case with an IP rating of IP67 (immersion in water up to 1 meter)... so your solution is protected from extreme weather & rugged handling. The default case color is yellow, but you may choose between black, tan, bright orange, yellow, blue, and OD green.

Vehicle Charger
Extra Accessory - DC Vehicle Adapter
This added accessory lets you keep the iSavi charged while traveling in a vehicle. Simply plug this into any vehicle power port and recharge the terminal from anywhere - A $75 value.

iSavi Case Contents

iSavi - Isathub Case Contents
iSavi IsatHub Terminal
Hardened Pelican case - IP67 env. rating
12 volt DC vehicle charger
Li-Ion battery
AC/DC 100-240 VAC power supply
Micro USB cable
International plugs for US, UK, EU, AU
All documents on USB flash drive
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iSavi Ready Case on River Bed
iSavi Case Size
iSavi on a vehicle hood
iSavi IsatHub with Laptop
  Hughes 9202 Ready Case Kit Photos
iSavi Ready Kit   iSavi Case Size
The iSavi terminal case protects the iSavi from rugged travel and abuse, or long term storage.
It's compact size means it can fit in with other luggage easily.
iSavi Oil and Gas   iSavi Ocean Vessel
Setting up a mobile office anywhere on the planet is important for field teams where phone and Internet are not readily available.
The iSavi has proven to work on the open ocean as long as waters are calm and the vessel is traveling in a straight line
iSavi Remote IsatHub   iSavi on Tabletop
NGOs performing humanitarian missions can stay connected with Internet and phone no matter where they need to travel.
The iSavi was designed to work with smartphones and tablets, but it also works quite well for wireless laptops.
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