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  Adding Dedicated Satellite Services

Hybrid Networking
Many organizations chose to marry both dedicated AND shared satellite service over the same satellite dish connection to create a low or medium speed dedicated channel for critical communication (such as VoIP, or VPN Encryption), WITH a high-speed low-cost shared service to the Internet for non-critical connectivity.

The dedicated channel can be as small as 20 x 20 Kbps and as fast at 20 Mbps down x 7 Mbps up depending client requirements, radio size, dish size and location. Routing and QoS plans are created so that specific traffic is limited to the shared or dedicated channels.

The shared Internet service can be customized as well with speed of up to 5 Mbps x 2 Mbps.

This Hybrid dedicated service will reduce bottlenecks for critical data over the satellite leg portion of the transmission to the Internet backbone. VoIP calls are guaranteed not to drop off, and VPN performance is improved. Many of our clients have found a small dedicated channel is a preferred solution to fix a variety of communication issues over satellite.

For those that wish ONLY a dedicated satellite service, Ground Control offers SCPS (Single Channel Per Carrier) service for speeds of 20 Mbps down and 7 Mbps up. Information on SCPS Dedicated Service. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative for more information.

Private Satellite Networking - Provisioning a Leased-Line
If you do not wish a dedicated satellite channel to touch the public network, Ground Control may provision a Leased-Line terrestrial connection from our Satellite NOC (Network Operation Center) to your primary network location. We call this style of networking a Total Private Network, and it increases security and improves reliability and performance for any data since it is an open channel with no bottlenecks and does not touch the public network. A Leased-Line may be provisioned to handle only dedicated satellite channel traffic, or both dedicated and shared satellite Internet traffic. A leased-line cost is dependent on many factors, but a high-cost would be $1000 per month to most locations in the U.S. for a 1.5 Mbps line.

Equipment Co-Location At Teleport
Many of our clients employ VPN's or specialty applications running on their hardware co-located at our several Teleports throughout the world. All of our co-location facilities are hardened, environmentally controlled, and fully protected against fires and other disasters. Information on Ground Control's North American Teleport.


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