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Oil & Gas

Advanced connectivity for Oil & Gas

Ground Control has been providing solutions to the Oil & Gas market for over 20 years. Together with its network operator and technology partners, Ground Control offers turnkey data management solutions, tailored to the requirements of Oil & Gas companies.

By utilizing satellite communications, Ground Control provides connectivity to remote sites, which allows for the collection, analysis, and utilisation of mission critical data.

Our solutions bring substantial operational improvements to the field through the collection of data from sensors, data recorders, digital equipment and SCADA control systems from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote.

“Advanced connectivity to optimise drilling and production throughput and improved maintenance and field operations could add up to $250 billion of value to the industry’s upstream operations by 2030”. - McKinsey & Company

One of the key focus areas for implementing advanced satellite connectivity solutions is to reduce costs through production efficiency improvements, and increased uptime of equipment, by using online remote monitoring and diagnostics tools and services.

This allows timely delivery of critical information, negating the requirement for employees to make frequent and costly onsite visits, and providing the ability to diagnose problems online before any production time is lost and costly breakdowns occur.

We provide solutions to enable this to happen, which is underpinned by fast and efficient technical support for all of the equipment we offer, even on a 24×7 basis if required.

Our various satellite networks support data, voice, video streaming, custom applications, VPN and Private Networking, and we give you all the tools necessary to monitor your Assets and optimize your investment.

BGAN Terminals

Hughes 9502

BGAN Terminals are extremely small, and operate very reliably in extreme weather conditions (such as snow, ice, dust, high humidity and high winds). They also do not require a certified installer since anyone can “point” a BGAN Terminal. These Terminals also have a very low power draw, and often can be used for remote solar installations (which helps towards “Carbon zero” sustainability targets).

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Hughes 9502 M2M C1-D2 BGAN Terminal - One Piece

With a BGAN terminal you can monitor and control Oil & Gas assets (like Pipelines, Wellheads, or Artificial Lifting sites) in the most remote, and hostile, locations. The Hughes 9502 is rated C1-D2 for hazardous locations such as petroleum refineries, and gasoline dispensing areas where flammable safety is priority.