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  Photos of Mobile Satellite Systems - Emergency & Command Vehicles  
  Emergency Command Vehicle  
A Hazmat vehicle with a Ground Control .98 Meter Toughsat XP Satellite system.
This Mississippi Command truck with a stowed mobile dish providing support for a landing of Air Force One.
  Mobile  room    
Command Vehicles can have a variety of looks inside. Please contact a Ground Control sales representative for options.
A Mobile Command Post may all connect to the wireless network if within a 100 foot radius of the mobile command vehicle or trailer.
  Sheriff Trailer    
The Malheur County Sheriff in Oregon deploys a Toughsat XP for a mobile command station.
First responder command vehicles, like these shown here can set up communications from any location.
  Mobile Communications Command Trailer   Mobile Command Post with Satellite Internet  
Installation of a Toughsat XP .98 meter dish on top of a mobile command center.
The Toughsat XP on top of a Department of Health and Human Services task force rig.
  Satellite VSAT Trailer   Mobile VSAT Trailer  
Any of our mobile satellite dishes are easily installed at your location, even on top of small trailers.
Mobile command centers do not need to be expensive to own and operate. A modified trailer with a generator and air-conditioner serves as an effective and efficient field-operation unit.
  Toughsat XP Stowed   Toughsat XP Deployed  
The Toughsat XP .98 and 1.2 meter dishes show to below 12". Great for vehicle clearance issues.
The Toughsat XP has a fairly small footprint on top of a roof. The boom will swing over most items.
  Flyaway Portable Satellite Internet    
This Fire and Rescue rig is outfitted with a roof mounted Toughsat XP and next to is a deployed Flyaway Case system. Both systems operate identically.
The Case-Based Toughsat is contained in three pieces, and is easily transported or shipped and operated by one person. more
The Emery County Sheriff mobile command post with a Ground Control mobile dish during the Utah mining disaster.
The Illinois National Guard uses a Tractor-Trailer combination allowing them to create two mobile command posts.
    Mobile Command Post  
This rig packs both a 2.8 meter dish and a smaller mobile dish mounted on a plate above an air conditioner.
A Toughsat XP .98 Meter system on a Mobile Emergency Command Vehicle.
  Toughsat T-100 Mobile Communications VSAT Trailer   T-100 Mobile VSAT Tower  
The T-100 Toughsat Trailer is a self-contained mobile satellite system that includes a wireless power booster for a half-mile connectivity radius. This trailer allows a transporting vehicle to be used for other tasks. more
The Toughsat T-110 option comes with a 30' tower to mount lights, or antennas, or a video camera for creating a custom solution. Stows to a height of '84". more
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