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To quickly save a manual to your computer, right-click "download" and then
choose "Save Target As"


Toughsat Users Manual (XP and SP)
Normal Operation of the Toughsat XP or SP systems using the iDirect satellite gateway.
Download Toughsat Users Manual using TS2 Controller - version 6.0
Download Toughsat Users Manual using TS1 Controller - Version 2.1

Toughsat Flyaway Users Manual
Step-By-Step Instructions for using the Toughsat Flyaway system.
Download Toughsat Flyaway Users Manual V. 2.0
Download Quickstart Flyaway Guide for iDirect Unit v.3
Download Quickstart Flyaway Guide for Galileo Unit

Toughsat Flyaway Bracketing Manual
Setup Instructions for Ground Mounting or Fly-And-Drive system.
Now included in the Flyaway User Guide

T-100 Satellite Trailer Users Manual - Toughsat
Use of the T-100 Satellite Trailer.
Download T-100 Toughsat Users Manual v3

Toughsat Users Guide - Galileo & iDirect Systems
Normal operation and instruction of use of the Galileo & iDirect systems.
Download Toughsat Galileo & iDirect Users Guide


TS1 ACU Controller Toughsat TS1 MSS on-board flash firmware updater
Revision: 6.22.2018, 1:30pm

TS2 ACU Controller Icon Toughsat TS2 MSS on-board flash firmware updater
Revision: 4.26.2019, 9:00am

Flash Firmware Updater - Instructions
Instructions for uploading software to your mobile dish


Magellan MSS Users Manual
Normal operation and instruction of use of the MSS system.

Magellan MSS Hardware Installation
The physical installation of the MSS on a truck/vehicle
MSS_Installation_Manual_v2 (right click and "save target as")
MSS Installation Manual_v1(older Version)

Magellan MSS System Activation
The process of activating the MSS after it has been installed so that it may
connect to the Internet or private satellite network.

IP Setup Utility for Windows
If you set the IP of your MSS to an unknown IP, use this utility to change it
back to

IP Setup Utility for Macintosh
If you set the IP of your MSS to an unknown IP, use this utility to change it
back to ...This utility also allows you to update the MSS
software using a Macintosh.
download Instructions
download software

MSS SOFTWARE (0.74m and 0.95m mobile)

Magellan MSS on-board flash updater software (always free)
Revision: 08.17.10, 02:07pm
click here to download

A video demonstration of the installation of a .95 Meter Galileo MSS
system. File 21 Min long and is 63 MB large. Please left click and
choose "Save target As" to save on your computer.
Posted October 2007
click here to download


If you are updating the MSS from a version older than 5-16-05, a Compass Calibrate must be done once this update is loaded.

If your MSS is working properly, follow the normal update procedure, described below.

The Hughes 6000 Modem firmware is incompatible with MSS software dated 7-27-05 and earlier.

Before the update, if your MSS page says "The page cannot be displayed" after it says "Reading Modems," follow this update procedure:

Download the update from the web. To perform this update, you will need to turn everything off. Disconnect your modem from the router. Turn on only the MSS and the router and your computer. Run update.bat. Once the update is complete, reconnect the modem and turn it on.


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