Global Coverage - 24 x 7 Connectivity

BGAN M2M Service

Low Cost Global Ethernet Ports via Satellite

BGAN M2M satellite service places a full-time Ethernet port anywhere on the globe for any device that normally connects to the Internet.

BGAN M2M service uses BGAN M2M-capable terminals like the Hughes 9502. BGAN M2M service has the lowest billable unit costs of 1 to 2 cents per kilobyte transferred, making it ideal for small-packet data communications. (Higher data needs may use BGAN Standard+ or BGAN Link.)

BGAN M2M terminals include the Hughes 9502, the Explorer 540, and the Hughes 9450 In-Motion. Monitor or control to any remote valve, pump, ATM, traffic light, credit card terminal, moving truck or vehicle, or any other device for full-time connectivity from anywhere on the globe – all with a very low monthly subscription fee starting at $23.99 USD per month with the 2 MB plan.

Global Internet Service 24/7

Any location within one of the three colored regions on the map shown below can connect to the BGAN M2M network. BGAN M2M service is available globally using the same service plan below. BGAN terminals may move anywhere on the globe at anytime without notification to Ground Control.

More information on BGAN M2M Coverage.

BGAN M2M Service Features

  • No long-term contracts - most plans have month-to-month billing.

  • BGAN M2M service is a full-time 24/7 full-speed 464Kbps standard internet connection.

  • GAN M2M operates like any internet connection and can be used any way required.

  • Minimum billing increment is one kilobyte (and not 100 kilobytes as with standard BGAN service).

  • Ideal for small-packet remote communication that uses two to 50 megabytes per month.

  • Need more? Unlimited usage BGAN service offered at any time with appropriate BGAN SIM card.

  • Multiple sites? Buy 'shared megabyte' plans for multiple terminals. An excellent cost-saver.

  • BGAN M2M doesn't charge for network overhead communication, such as a connection charge.

  • High-speed data capable with up to 464Kbps speeds - no bottlenecks if speed is needed.

  • Global coverage - monitor/control global assets with one service provider, Ground Control.

  • Teleport firewall stops all unauthorized incoming traffic from entering the satellite link by default.

  • A whitelist of IPs (provided by subscriber) opens authorized traffic to the BGAN terminal.

  • IPSec VPN available to an Inmarsat teleport - create a private network - bypass public-static IPs.

  • Fully TCP-IP routable to any IP address and allowed incoming IP addresses (with public-static IP).

  • Protocols supported - TCP, UDP, ICMP, SKIP, GRE, ESP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS.

  • Real-time communication with latency (ping time) from 900 to 1500 milliseconds.

  • SMS control - BGAN M2M terminals may be controlled with simple SMS text messaging.

  • Designed for M2M, SCADA, or any device that needs to be monitored or controlled 24/7.

  • Static IP addresses are available and necessary if remote access to connected equipment is needed.

BGAN M2M Service Plans

  • Global full-time internet service.
  • Single and unlimited SIM share plans.
  • All plans have a one month minimum term.
  • All services may be used by one or more SIM cards.
  • Share M2M service for $10/month per sharing SIM and a three month minimum term.
  • You can add a Public-Static IP for $20 per month per SIM. This is needed if remote access from the internet is needed to access equipment attached to the BGAN terminal.
PlanOverage CostsPrice (USD)
2 Megabytes per monthUsage over 2 Megabytes is billed at $15 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $23.99/month
5 Megabytes per monthUsage over 5 Megabytes is billed at $12 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $44.99/month
10 Megabytes per monthUsage over 10 Megabytes is billed at $11 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $74.99/month
15 Megabytes per monthUsage over 15 Megabytes is billed at $10 per MB.Single & Shared SIM $89.99/month
20 Megabytes per monthUsage over 20 Megabytes is billed at $9 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $110/month
30 Megabytes per monthUsage over 30 Megabytes is billed at $8 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $150/month
50 Megabytes per monthUsage over 50 Megabytes is billed at $7.50 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $238/month
100 Megabytes per month Usage over 100 Megabytes is billed at $7.50 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $475/month
250 Megabytes per monthUsage over 250 Megabytes is billed at $7 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $1,187/month
500 Megabytes per month -Usage over 500 Megabytes is billed at $6.50 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $2,375/month
750 Megabytes per monthUsage over 750 Megabytes is billed at $6.00 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $3,562/month
1000 Megabytes per monthUsage over 1000 Megabytes is billed at $5.50 per MB.Single & Shared SIMs $4,750/month

BGAN M2M PrePaid Plans

  • Use purchased MBs any time during the year.
  • 24 x 7 BGAN service available worldwide.
  • All plans have a one year valid period with auto-renew.
  • All plans offer free activation.
  • All services may be used at any time during the year.
  • Share plans are $75 annually per added SIM.
  • You can add a Public-Static IP for $20 per month per SIM, or $240 annually. This is needed if remote access from the internet is needed to access equipment attached to the BGAN terminal.
PlanOverage / SIM Share CapacityPrice (USD)
50 MBs Prepaid M2MUsage over 50 Megabytes is billed at $15 per Megabyte. The 50 MB share plan can have up to 5 SIMs.$750 per year
100 MBs Prepaid M2MUsage over 100 Megabytes is billed at $13 per Megabyte. The 100 MB share plan can have up to 7 SIMs.$1,300 per year
250 MBs Prepaid M2MUsage over 250 Megabytes is billed at $10 per Megabyte. The 250 MB share plan can have up to 10 SIMs.$2,500 per year
500 MBs Prepaid M2MUsage over 500 Megabytes is billed at $8 per Megabyte. The 500 MB share plan can have up to 15 SIMs. $4,000 per year
1,000 MBs Prepaid M2MUsage over 1,000 Megabytes is billed at $6.50 per Megabyte. The 1,000 MB share plan can have up to 20 SIMs. $6,500 per year
Custom M2M PlansGround Control can custom develop a BGAN M2M service plans unique for your organization's requirements. We can offer pooled plans with multiple terminals pulling from one account, or any size of Prepaid Megabytes, or extending the valid period of Prepaid Megabytes.Please email or call
RENTALS - 9502 BGAN Terminal w/BracketingGround Control offers trial rentals of Hughes 9502s for testing. Service billed at the rate of at $20/ per Megabyte billed post use. Includes Public-Static IP - May purchase demo terminal after testing.$10 a day Rent-To-Test & Buy
  • Purchase is of BGAN M2M SIM card that is activated, installed and fully tested with purchased BGAN equipment.
  • Unused service does not rollover to following month on monthly plans, or the following year on prepaid plans.
  • There is a one-time activation fee of $40 per SIM on monthly plans.
  • Monthly share “SCAP” plans require a 3 month minimum term and becomes month-to-month service after the initial term.
  • May add extra SIM cards at any time to any share plan. Easy to add new equipment.
  • BGAN M2M share plans renew on the 1st of every month.
  • Plans may be quoted for the first 2 months. Depending on the activation date, a prorated credit/refund may be issued.
  • Daily polling amounts are for reference only. A monthly plan’s allotment can be used in a single day if desired.
  • BGAN equipment may move to any global location at any time without need to inform Ground Control.
  • BGAN terminals may be installed by anyone at any time. BGAN equipment does not require a certified installer.
  • All plans have SMS control capabilities billed at $0.49 per message.
  • Minimum billing increment of BGAN M2M service is 1 Kilobyte (standard BGAN service is 100 Kilobytes).
  • Monthly service plans may require credit approval or credit card
  • Changing plans to a higher or lower level monthly plan can be done at any time by contacting us.

BGAN M2M Enterprise - 12 month minimum term

Our Enterprise BGAN M2M service places the subscriber in the driver’s seat for extensive visibility and control over one or more BGAN M2M SIMs. Direct Inmarsat SIM access is provided at no additional cost. Controls such as SIM activation, suspension, deactivation, set monthly usage limits, set email auto-alerts based on low-balance and critical alerts, firewall control, and a host of other features are afforded to Enterprise subscribers.

  • Real-time visibility and control over all BGAN M2M SIM cards.
  • Billed for only what is used each month.
  • Unlimited BGAN M2M SIMs – May have any number of SIMs on Enterprise.
  • $10 per month per active SIM. $0 per month for inactive SIMs.
  • Select 50 (min), 100, 200 or higher Megabyte monthly pool start at $5 per MB.
  • Overage rates (out-of-plan) are $5.50 per MB per month.
  • Optional Public-Static IP addresses are available $20 per month per SIM
  • Use IPSec VPN to circumvent Public-Static IP costs with a private network.
  • Subscriber activates their own SIMs. Uncomissioned SIMs are $7.50 each.
  • There is a one-time $250 Enterprise setup fee.

We’ll make it easy to upgrade any existing BGAN M2M network to our Enterprise network. Please email [email protected] for more information.

Optional BGAN M2M Services - All Plan Types

ServicePrice (USD)
BGAN Portal - Terminal Management | Track Location, Usage, and Control all of your BGAN assets in the field$19/month per terminal
BGAN M2M Firewall | Keep all devices invisible from hackers. Create rules for traffic in/out of BGAN$0 per month
BGAN Security - VPN - Private Networking - Firewall Rules | Keep all devices secure with a VPN or Private Network.IPSec VPN $525 Setup, $149 a month
Extra BGAN M2M SIM Cards - Uncomissioned | Keep a few extra BGAN M2M SIM cards on hand, and activate them if and when you need. Free shipping worldwide$5 per SIM. Free Shipping

BGAN Management Portal: Track All - Monitor All - Control All

$19 per terminal per month - No term contracts

Ground Control’s remote terminal management (RTM) portal will track, monitor, and control one or more BGAN terminals from a secure intuitive web interface. This highly functional portal shows terminal usage, GPS location, performs wake-up, and sleep and reboot commands. It also has a historic log file for all activity, as well as many other features.




The BGAN Terminal Management Portal is $19 per month per terminal. There are no term contracts or minimum number of terminals required. You may add and remove terminals at any time. More information on the BGAN Terminal Management Portal.

BGAN M2M vs Satellite Dishes (VSAT)

A satellite dish (VSAT) system may have cheaper service to transmit large amounts of data, but they’re bulky, use more power (over 100 watts), and can easily misalign and require a certified installer to setup. Also, a certified installer will need to be dispatched if the dish misaligns for any reason, such as wind.

In contrast, the Hughes 9502 is extremely portable, can be installed by anyone, and operates very well in extreme weather. Misalignments to wind are rare and the power draw is a fraction of VSAT systems (.01 to 4 watts), ideal for remote low-power or solar installations. The BGAN M2M – Hughes 9502 is the solution to monitoring all rural and urban assets since now your WAN can be anywhere on the globe, inexpensively, and with one service provider.

BGAN M2M vs Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD)

The advantage of using BGAN M2M over the Iridium SBD service is that you’re capable of transferring one kilobyte of data for $0.01 to $0.02 cents, while Iridium SBD is $1 to $2 dollars per kilobyte.

Also, BGAN M2M is a live IP connection with 900 to 1800 millisecond latency, while Iridium SBD service is not an open IP service, and data packets may take up to 20 to 30 seconds to deliver.

Finally, BGAN M2M provides speeds of up to 464kilobits per second, so that when emergencies happen, you have full speed to the equipment to make adjustments real-time. Iridium does not have this capability.