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  Hotspot Billing Solution
$250 Toughsat Firmware Upgrade Cost
Service provided by Sputnik - $49.95 setup & $19.95 per month
For All Toughsat Satellite System

Create A Cash Revenue Stream

Deploy any of our Toughsat satellite systems and create a billable wireless access point for any wireless capable device.

Toughsat Satellite Systems
Rig/Vehicle Roof Mounted Toughsat Flyaway Case Toughsat T-100 Toughsat Trailer

No Equipment To Purchase
Ground Control's integrated wireless router can be upgraded with powerful hotspot billing firmware for a fully functional Internet Cafe experience, that is under your complete control.

Toughsat Hotspot Controller

Fully Brandable Look and Feel
Make the login page portal look any way you desire. Consumer, Commercial, Public Safety, Emergency Services, any branding can be created by you and updated instantly. Many kinds of login screen options are available.

Example Hotspot Login Screen

All Generated Revenue Is Yours
Ground Control will not be involved with your hotspot service. We simply charge a $250 firmware upgrade to our Toughsat controller. The actual hotspot service is provided by Sputnik, and they charge a one-time setup fee of $49.95 and monthly service fee of $19.95 for full functionality services and support. There are no other charges or profit sharing costs. Please note, there is a free hotspot version from Sputnik, however, it does not have billing features.

Supports Unlimited Users
The hotspot service can support an unlimited number of clients. The wireless router itself can support 256 wireless clients at any one time. Services can be Pre-paid or Online sign-up and you set all the conditions for service delivery, such as Megabyte transfer limits (good for satellite), maximum speeds per client, time limitations per client... all parameters are under your complete control.

Types Of Billing

Pre-Paid Vouchers - Customers can purchase prepaid time (Megabytes and/or Minutes) and you supply them with a login name/password generated by the software. You set all the voucher terms for generating an unlimited number of new login names and passwords.

Credit Cards
Visa, Master card and other credit cards - Radius, and Worldpay supported. Online activations will be directed to enter a credit card and they may select their service plan that you develop.

PayPal - The hotspot portal can direct customers to use their Paypal account to pay for their Online Time they purchase.

Multi-Currency Billing - No need to just take U.S. dollars. The system is configurable to work a number of currencies.

Powerful Authentication Controls
User Database (username/password)
Guest Database (shared access codes)

Network Access Controls
Terminate Sessions
Block Users/client devices (MAC address)
Quality of Service (QoS) management
Bandwidth throttling - Excellent for use of limited bandwidth
Content Filtering
Set Time Limits in Minutes
Set Bandwidth Limits (Max MB's)
Walled Gardens - Portal Web pages for free advertising

Real time reporting on active clients
Usages and Session by client - Data and Graphs
Ad hoc reports
Automated email reports.

For more information regarding the Hotspot solution, please contact a Ground Control sales representative.

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