Hughes LPB Low-Profile BGAN Terminal

A Concealed BGAN Terminal

For portable high-speed Internet connection that can be concealed under a layer of dirt, Inmarsat has developed the Low-Profile BGAN terminal. This terminal lays flat on the ground and connects to a BGAN satellite totally concealed.

This terminal is ideal for a wide variety of uses including surveillance, remote home security, wildlife monitoring, fisheries, discreet weather monitoring, anything that requires a full-time Internet connection that is hidden to sight.

BGAN M2M Service

Key Features

  • Auto-connects to the Internet (after pointing). Easy to install and use by anyone.
  • Always-on network connection for any kind of remote equipment.
  • Ideal for remote equipment that needs real-time monitoring and control 24/7.
  • Military-grade environmental and ingress protection (IP 67).
  • Connect device(s) via Ethernet (using supplied special special waterproof connector).
  • Operates with standard BGAN internet service plans.
  • Also operates with BGAN M2M service plans for low-data-use locations.
  • Fixed permanent locations may use unlimited BGAN service with BGAN Link Global or Geo.
  • DHCP and Static IPs are available.
  • Operates on four watts of power – excellent for extending battery life.
  • Hibernation mode draws just 0.01 watts and wakes up (in 30 seconds) on any LAN activity.
  • The data connection is open and stays alive. No wake-up operation needed to transmit/receive.
  • Global coverage – Equipment can be located anywhere without notification to Ground Control.
  • Delivers high-speed internet of 464Kbps, 94.5% as fast as the fastest BGAN terminals.
  • Outdoor all-weather use – Superior ingress rating of IP67 – Built for extreme weather
  • Environmental: Operates in +-40°F to +167°F degrees (-40°C to +75°C)
  • SMS messages are $0.50 cents with free incoming messages (iPhone texts are not charged).
  • Secure from hackers with powerful firewall rules in place, or use a private network for ultimate security.
  • Supported transport protocols – TCP, UDP, ICMP, SKIP, GRE, ESP, SMTP, IMAP, POP3, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS.
  • IP Watchdog – Monitors and maintains the network so it’s always up.
  • Monitor – Control remote terminals from one portal using the Terminal Management Portal.
  • Web UI Interface – Status and control screens accessed from any connected browser.
  • Remote SMS Control – Activate, deactivate, reboot, and many other options using SMS control.

Tech Specification

  • Upload (Transmit) Max Speed 448Kbps – Class 2 BGAN.
  • Download (Receive) Max Speed 464Kbps – Class 2 BGAN.
  • DHCP Supported – From one to 255 connected devices.
  • NAT & Relay Mode Supported,
  • Firewall At teleport – whitelist and blacklist supported free.
  • MAC Address Filtering Supported,
  • Satellite Transmit Frequency 1626.5–1660.5 MHz (L-band).
  • Satellite Receive Frequency 1525–1559 MHz (L-band).
  • SMS Remote Management Supported – wide beam backup connectivity.
  • GPS Frequency 1574.42–1576.42MHz,
  • Firmware Upgrades Over the air or local – No cost.
  • IDU Weight 2.2kg Includes transceiver and enclosure.
  • IDU Dimensions 253mm x 176mm x 53mm.
  • ODU Weight 1.2kg excludes cabling.
  • ODU Antenna Dimensions 240mm x 240mm x 29mm.
  • RF Cable Length 3 meters – TNC RF connectors.
  • Installation Requirements Can be installed by anyone. No certification required.
  • Data Connection Ethernet RJ-45.
  • Alternate PC Connection USB type B – For connection to PC for configuration only.
  • IDU Antenna Connector TNC Female,
  • ODU Antenna Connector TNC Female.
  • Operating Temperature -40°C to +75°C (-40°F to +167°F).
  • Storage Temperature -45°C to +80°C.
  • Humidity 95% RH at +40°C (104°F).
  • Mechanical Vibration until Non-Operational 200-2000 Hz,0.3 m2/s3; MIL-SPEC 810B Method 500.3 proc. 1.
  • IDU Water and Dust IP-67 compliant (withstands immersion in water up to one meter).
  • Input Voltage 9Vdc to 26Vdc
  • Normal Operation Wattage 3 to 4 watts for open full-time TCP-IP connection.
  • Hibernation (wakes on any activity) < 0.01 watt @ 12 Vdc (@ 0.01 Watt) + 30 seconds to establish network.
  • Transmission Wattage Short transmission bursts may pull up to 20 watts.
  • Off (GPIO Control) < 10mW @ 12Vdc.


The Hughes Low-Profile BGAN terminal offers consumers, businesses, public agencies and other government organizations a hidden satellite communications terminal to avoid potential theft or the ability to discreetly set up communication with an unseen footprint.


This rapidly deployable BGAN antenna is designed for unmanned remote and extreme weather concealed operation. The antenna and terminal lay flat on the ground and can be covered with surrounding materials including dirt (up to 2 centimeters). Since it’s a BGAN terminal, it can connect globally with any of the Inmarsat BGAN satellites under one service plan. It maintains a high-speed data rate for applications almost anywhere in the world.


The terminal may be buried under a thin layer of dirt or surrounding material as long as that material does not have metal in it. The arrow on top of the antenna should be pointed toward the BGAN satellite. There is 30 to 60 degree view angle of this antenna, and it may be tilted up for higher elevations.

Package Contents

The Hughes Low Profile BGAN ships with these components:

  • Transceiver (middle)
  • Lay-Flat Antenna (right bottom)
  • 2 RF Cables (one has right-angle).. Use one of two for the install
  • Pointing Wedge to raise height of antenna on ground
  • Amphenol waterproof 6 Pin Ethernet Connector (for RJ-45 cable)
  • Amphenol waterproof 3-Pin Power cable (supply 12 to 24 volt DC)
  • LPB User Manual


Low Profile BGAN Photos

Low Profile BGAN

IP-67 Rated Ports

The Hughes Low-Profile BGAN has IP-67 rated ports so that this solution can be submerged for a short period of time (up to 1 meter). The ports are Ethernet, Antenna (TNC), and DC power (between 10 and 26 volts).

Low Profile BGAN

Powered by the Hughes 9502

Inside the IP-67 enclosure is the Hughes Low-Profile transceiver, which is based on the Hughes 9502 BGAN Terminal transceiver.

Low Profile BGAN

Easy to Point

The compact low-profile antenna has an arrow embossed on top that is used to point toward the BGAN satellite.

Low Profile BGAN

Undetected Communications Link

The Low-Profile antenna covered in client created material to aid in an undetected communications link.

Low Profile BGAN

Hidden to the Human Eye

When buried (up to 2 centimeters in some cases), both the transceiver and antenna are hidden to the human eye.

Low Profile BGAN

Can be Buried or Covered

Both the Antenna and the Transceiver may be buried or covered. The power cables may connect to an DC power source, and the Ethernet connector provides a standard TCP-IP Internet connection automatically.

Low Profile BGAN

Pointing Wedge Aids Connectivity

The LPB antenna itself has a 30 degree view angle in the direction of the arrow embossed on the antenna. The pointing wedge helps the installer aim the terminal for connecting with the BGAN satellite.

Low Profile BGAN

Waterproof Connectors

The Amphenol waterproof connecters are for power and Ethernet. The TNC antenna connector & cable are also waterproof.