KVH TracPhone V7-HTS

KVH’s award-winning TracPhone V7-HTS provides the uncompromised speed and coverage seafarers worldwide rely on to help them manage their business at sea. At 60cm, this rugged, marine-grade antenna outperforms the leading competing one-meter Ku-band systems to provide the essential services that connect vessels and crew to the world.

Dual channels, one powerful solution. Get the speed and control your business requires with KVH’s exclusive dual-channel configuration that offers both a high-speed and an unlimited use data channel simultaneously through unique hybrid airtime plans.

KVH miniVSAT HTS Service Plans

Tech Specification

  • Service KVH mini-VSAT HTS Broadband Network
  • Antenna Type Ku-band
  • Belowdecks Equipment Integrated CommBox Modem (ICM)
  • Service Coverage Area Seamless Worldwide Regions
  • Maximum Download Speed: 10Mbps
  • Maximum Upload Speed: 3Mbps
  • Typical Cost per Minute for Voice (see rate sheet) Starting at $0.05 USD (speed-based plans) $0USD (metered plans)
  • Antenna Dish Diameter 60cm (24″)
  • Antenna Unit Diameter x Height/Weight 66.3cm (D) x 79.2cm (h) / 26.1kg (26.1″ (D) x 31.h) / 57.6lbs)
  • System Option: CommBox Software Bundles Available Standard or Enterprise Packages
  • System Option: Built-in Crew Calling Gateway Available. Contact Ground Control for details
  • System Option: IP-MobileCast Services Available. Contact Ground Control for details


Industry’s Highest Speed


  • Plans as fast as 10 Mbps and 3 Mbps down/up
  • Simple tools to control data usage
  • All plans offer fastest network speeds
  • Plans as fast as 20Mbps and 3Mbps down/up

Ideal for: videoconferencing, video chat (e.g., via WhatsApp or Skype), telemedicine, web browsing, security cameras, on-demand file transmission, video and music streaming, and allocated crew usage.

Industry’s Fastest Unlimited Plan


  • Plans as fast as 8Mbps and 2Mbps down/up
  • Speed-based plans to fit every need

Ideal for: IoT data transfer, email, software updates, instant messaging (e.g, WhatsApp), automated file transmission, social media, weather updates, VPN, and unallocated crew usage.