MCD-MP77 Manpack BGAN Terminal

$ 12,995.00


Auto-pointing – Simply turn it on – The MCD-MP77 is a hikeable Wi-Fi access point for everywhere on the globe.

BGAN Service Plans

Key Features

  • Walkable satellite internet connectivity for anyone – globally.
  • Comfortable Alice-style ruggezied aluminum pack.
  • Wi-Fi hotspot for all in-range devices up to 100 meters (328 feet).
  • Broadband speeds of 464Kbps (94.5% as fast as the fastest BGAN).
  • May be operated by anyone. Online in about one minute.
  • Operates stationary or in-motion, on land or any open sky.
  • Weighs 30lbs (13.6kg) and runs up to six hours on internal battery.
  • Optional 80-watt foldable solar panel for off-grid power-recharging.
  • All-weather operation from -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to 158°F).
  • Sturdy aluminum frame construction – built to take a beating.
  • Quick-disconnects for mast and cables for easy transportation.
  • External Ethernet port (and optional external phone port).
  • Internet, phone, SMS messaging – an on-the-trail office.

Technical Specification

  • The MCD-MP77 integrates with the Hughes 9450 BGAN terminal enclosed in a hardened Pelican case.
  • System components include an AC/DC power-supply / charger with international plug adapters (US, UK, AU, EU, China, N. Europe), cradled analog phone, and a small ruggedized bag to hold all components.
  • Terminal Capability – Internet (an open TCP-IP network to the internet backbone), email, phone, fax, SMS, VoIP, FTP, video streaming, VPN, and private networking options available
  • Data / Internet Speeds – Rated up to 464Kbps down x 448Kbps up with a standard IP data connection. Class 2 BGAN.
  • Antenna Type – Class 11.
  • Global Service – Inmarsat BGAN I4 network – Operates with any BGAN service provider. Ground Control standard BGAN service and BGAN M2M service.
  • BGAN Rx/Tx Frequencies – L-band, Rx @ 1525.0-1559.0MHz, Tx @ 1626.5-1660.5MHz.
  • EIRP – 15.1dBW.
  • Network – DHCP, NAT, public/static IPs available.
  • Firewall – At teleport – Whitelist and blacklist supported free
  • MCD-MP77 Manpack Wireless LAN – 802.11b/g/n – Up to 100 meters WiFi range.
  • Wi-Fi Connected Devices – Up to 11 wireless devices may connect to the MCD-MP77 simultaneously.
  • MCD-MP77 Wireless Security – WPA2 security, MAC filtering options for up to 10 devices.
  • MCD-MP77 External Port – LAN – One RJ45 Ethernet with PoE (power over Ethernet).
  • External Ports – Voice – Optional RJ11 – Circuit switched (4kbps 3.1 Khz audio) – Please request at purchase. Issued international phone number (Inmarsat satellite phone 870 country code).
  • Recharging – AC/DC power supply (with international plugs). System includes DC vehicle cable adapter to charge direct from vehicle power port. May use optional foldable solar panel to charge in no-power locations.
  • Streaming Services 1:1CIR – 32Kbps, 64Kbps, 128Kbps – Streaming information
  • Pack Dimensions – H/W/D 47″ x 22″ x 13.5″ (1.19 x .56 x .34 meters). Mast height is variable with quick-clamps.
  • Weight MCD-MP77 Manpack Case – 30lbs (13.6kg).
  • Internal Battery Life – Up to six hours normal use.
  • Power Draw – The MCD-MP77 Manpack draws 32 watts of power at idle, 65 watts when transmitting.
  • Recharge Time – Less than four hours (from fully discharged) using 110 to 240VAC (worldwide).
  • Onboard Battery Type – Lithium ion – 170 watt hours – Not FAA transportable without authorization. (Limit is 100 watt hours.)
  • Regional Power Plug Compatibility – Includes international plug kit for US, UK, European, Australian, China, N. Europe
  • AC/DC Power Supply – Charger – Input 110 to 240 Volts AC.
  • DC Power – DC recharging cable from vehicle power port is provided.
  • Humidity – 95% RH at +40°C
  • Operating Temperatures – -13°F to 158°F (-25°C to +70 C).
  • Rain / Water / Dust – IP66 when closed (powerful water jets from any direction).
  • Wind – System is not affected by wind.
  • Ice – 20mm build-up before signal loss
  • Max Turning Rate (Azimuth) – 40° per second.
  • Turning Acceleration – 50°/s2.
  • Antenna Colors Available – White (default) and black.
  • Manufacturer Support – The MCD-MP77 Manpack is integrated satellite technology manufactured by Ground Control and supported by us 24/7.
  • Warranty – One-year standard warranty. Three-year and five-year extended warranties available.
  • Made In The USA – The Hughes 9450 and the MCD-MP77 pack are US manufactured.
  • Inmarsat Type Approval – The Hughes 9450 has been type-approved by Inmarsat.
  • Hughes 9450 Compliance – FCC ID: K3YHNS9450, CE: CE0470, Class 2 BGAN terminal, Declaration of Conformity.
  • MCD-MP77 Manpack Firmware – Latest firmware upgrade for the MCD-MP77 Manpack found here.


The MCD-MP77 Manpack places an in-motion BGAN terminal on a lightweight backpack frame for constant Wi-Fi access from any remote trail, wilderness or urban location on the globe. Like our popular MCD-4800 BGAN terminal the MCD-MP77 Manpack delivers one-button internet and phone with these features.

A Multi-Purpose Instant-Anywhere Broadband Internet and Phone

The MCD-MP77 Manpack mounts an In-Motion BGAN terminal on an Alice backpack frame for up to 100 meters to any in-range wireless device. Housed in a waterproof IP66 Pelican case, the BGAN transceiver and 170 watt-hour battery allow this Wi-Fi hotspot to maintain connectivity up to six hours in extreme weather. Combined with our 80-watt foldable solar panel and the MCD-MP77 may run indefinitely as long as there is sun to power and quickly charge the onboard battery.

The MCD-MP77 Manpack Case Top

While the MCD-MP77 Manpack is primarily used as a wireless hotspot, the top of the case does include a a weather-sealed Ethernet port (and optional phone port to connect a standard phone). All cabling and the mast-pole are easily removed for easy transportation of the individual components. Weatherproof caps are also included with the system.
Comfortable belts on the Alice-style pack hold the 30lbs (13.6kg) pack comfortably.

Global Service for the MCD-MP77 Manpack

The service area of the MCD-MP77 is global except for extreme polar regions. If the system is located within any of the colored regions above, you may connect. The MCD-MP77 uses BGAN service plans available from Ground Control or other BGAN service provider for Internet, phone, SMS messaging and many other communication services. For more information on the BGAN service area, please visit the BGAN coverage map.

For Extreme Environments

The MCD-MP77 Manpack is enclosed in a watertight hardened plastic Pelican case and the case lid is normally closed for full operation. It operates in heavy rain and will transmit with 20mm of ice build-up before transmission issues. It is rated at IP66, which means it can withstand powerful water jets from any direction. In extremely hot environments, we recommend the case lid be slightly opened for ventilation, so as to avoid heat build-up inside the case.

  • MCD-MP77 Manpack with 9450 BGAN Terminal
  • AC/DC power supply charger
  • International plugs US, UK, EU, AU, China
  • DC Vehicle Adapter for charging
  • DC Vehicle Plug Adapter for pulling power from MCD battery
  • USB flash drive for manuals
  • TNC and SMA waterproof caps (used for dissembly-transport)
  • Allen wrench for mast-antenna removal (not required)
  • Backup WiFi Antenna
  • A standard corded analog phone
  • Small flashlight
  • 6′ foot Ethernet cable
  • Accessory bag to hold contents of system components
  • (The accessory bag is stored inside of Pelican case)


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