Text Messaging and iMessage


All BGAN satellite terminals supports Short Message Service (SMS). This service handles SMS messages sent to and from any BGAN terminal. This service is accessed from the BGAN terminal web interface. When using this service, you are charged $0.50 cents per outgoing SMS message. Incoming messages are free.

iPhone and iPad Texters – Texting from your these devices uses iMessage, and if you have iOS 5.0 or later, you should be able to use BGAN Wi-Fi to send and receive messages (and not be charged SMS rates).

In some cases, the device may use SMS messaging, in which case, you will be charged $0.50 cents per outgoing text, free incoming).

We recommend using the BGAN SMS Messaging service on the BGAN terminal to receive texts. With other devices, if you are able to send and receive texts over your home Wi-Fi network, then you will be able to send and receives texts over the BGAN network.

BGAN Web Interface – SMS Messaging Screens

In-Motion BGAN Terminals – Vehicle Mounted

We recommend using the web interface for SMS use since it can be accessed by any connected computer.

Send a Free SMS Message to Any BGAN or IsatPhone Pro

(Links through to Inmarsat service)