FleetBroadband Coverage Map

FleetBroadband Coverage Map 2020

The FleetBroadband coverage is global. Any terminal will operate in any ocean or water-way within the coverage area above.

FleetBroadband antennas will automatically connect to any of the four I-4 satellites without user interaction or change to the service plan. The FleetBroadband coverage map is identical to the BGAN coverage map since both FleetBroadband and BGAN service use the same network from Inmarsat.

FleetBroadband should not be confused with the Inmarsat “Fleet 33-55-77” Coverage areas, which are quite different. The above map is a fairly close approximation of service however, there may be some signal degradation on the edges of the map depending on various atmospheric conditions.

"In 2013 we launched Alphasat to supplement the I-4 fleet, providing coverage over Europe, the Middle East and Africa and bringing new capabilities including 50 per cent more accessible L-band spectrum and nearly 20 per cent more mobile communication channels."

Product Manager