FleetBroadband Service Plans

FleetBroadband Service Plans

FleetBroadband Monthly Service Plans

A 2nd SIM card is available to share in each plan as long as both SIMs are used on the same vessel - no extra cost.

We're not just a reseller, Ground Control's Fleetbroadband servers make your online experience the best it can be. We've been a a leader in high-speed satellite Internet connectivity since 2002 because we provide unique solutions for our clients.

Note that these plans are representative only; we tailor our plans to suit our customers' needs and encourage you to get in touch with your specific requirements.
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FleetBroadband Monthly Plan Details
  • Purchase is of FleetBroadband SIM card. This SIM may be used in any FleetBroadband terminal
  • Unused Megabytes do not rollover to the following month
  • Voice and SMS usage will be billed monthly. Incoming voice calls and SMS texts are free
  • Voice charges are to any cellphone or landline worldwide - Here are non-standard calling rates
  • A 2nd "Dual" FleetBroadband SIM Card is available free on all plans - 2nd Sim card must be on same vessel
  • All plans renew month-to-month at end of their minimum commitment term
Monthly Plan
25 MB
100 MB
500 MB
1000 MB
Pricing (USD):
Inclusive Data:
25 MB
100 MB
500 MB
1,000 MB
Overage Rate:
$28.00 per MB
$9.50 per MB
$4.00 per MB
$2.70 per MB
1 month
12 months
12 months
12 months

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Ground Control has been a leading Inmarsat partner since 2007, and we are a trusted Inmarsat Distribution Partner; this means we have access to great rates and flexible airtime plans.

Please call or email us, or complete the form with your FleetBroadband airtime requirements, and we'll be happy to provide a customized quote.
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