Satellite Communications for Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific Islands

Ground Control is a single-source equipment and service provider servicing Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific islands. We have a wide range satellite equipment to fit a specific requirement, and we’ll provide the service and support. This page shows a list of equipment and service options available in your region.

Global Ku-Band for fixed or mobile VSAT satellite dish service

Global iDirect Service Map

Plan details

  • 1 static-public IP included with all accounts. Additional static IPs are available.

  • All plans are for one year term that reverts to month-to-month at the end of the term.

  • Use your existing iDirect satellite equipment with Ground Control.

  • Call for installation availability or become a certified installer online with purchase of system & service.

  • Satellite service is ideal when paired with VOIP phone service - crystal clear calling.

  • All speeds are listed in Kilobits per second (Kbps).


iDirect Fixed Location Satellite System - Complete Hardware Solution

Our most popular and least expensive fixed satellite solution uses the Evolution X1 iDirect gateway connected to a 1.2 meter satellite dish using a powerful 6 watt BUC (transmitter) on a non-penetrating mount.

Fixed VSAT Satellite Dish Equipment – iDirect

Online Installation Certification - $300 USD

Avoid the cost of installation by taking our online Installation Training & Certification course. Certified installers can assemble, point, and activate a satellite communication systems with Ground Control.

VSAT Installation Training Program

BGAN Link - 30 GB Internet & Phone

Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands may consider a portable “Fixed” BGAN terminal using BGAN Link “GEO” service for Unlimited Internet and phone (via Skype). BGAN Link is advertised as “all you can eat” at one fixed location. While speeds are not as fast as VSAT dishes, these terminals can be installed by anyone and used for almost anything.