KVH miniVSAT service is global (except for polar regions).

KVH miniVSAT Coverage Maps

Mini-VSAT Global Coverage Map


TracPhone V11, V11-IP Coverage Map

TracPhone V11_V11-IP Coverage

TracPhone V7, V7-IP, V3-IP, and V3 Coverage

TracPhone V7, V3-IP, and V3 Coverage

Iridium OpenPort Pole-to-Pole L-band Coverage

Iridium OpenPort Pole-to-Pole L-band Coverage

KVH V3-HTS Coverage


KVH V7-HTS Coverage


Other miniVSAT Features

  • High-speed internet connectivity that works just like terrestrial networks.

  • Operates on any vessel type.

  • No special requirements for installation (even self installation).

  • Self-contained. Requires only power and a clear view of the sky.

  • Works with standard corded or cordless phone. Terminal jack is assigned a phone number.

  • Easy to operate. No complicated networking. No IT specialist needed to keep it functioning.

  • Highly reliable. MiniVSAT antennas operate very well in severe weather and rough seas.

  • Worldwide unbroken ocean-to-ocean coverage.