Mobile Command Centers

Mobile Command Centers - Specialty Vehicles and Trailers

Ground Control work with a specialty vehicle company with years of experience in developing mobile command trailers and trucks for a variety of organizations, including local, state, and federal agencies. They’ll help with any design requirements using innovative solution with the latest improvements in the industry. With years of experience and ideas many customers may not have considered, they can add tremendous productivity and flexibility while reducing your overall costs. Give us a call or email and we’ll put you in contact.


We Specialize in These Vehicle Types

  • Mobile Command Posts / Centers

  • Communications Trailers - Short and extended

  • Small Trailers - Tent option command center

  • Drone Control Trailers - Certified

  • Disaster recovery vehicles

  • EOD bomb recovery trucks

  • Incident command units

  • Broadcast rigs

Full Functionality

Innovation starts with a detailed understanding of your organization’s requirements in order to help you achieve your goals and operational requirements. From there, we offer many features which you may not have considered, but are often essential for mobile platforms. Many have relied on our vehicles and many have been more than satisfied. Please speak with a Ground Control sales representative for exploring the development of a specialty vehicle for your organization.


Quality Is Paramount

The mission is to make sure that every specialty vehicle built is guaranteed to meet your expectations of form, fit, and function. Questions? Contact us today!

Single Source

We have the ability to provide a single-source turn-key solution to include engineering design, manufacturing, interoperability solution, and integration. Please speak with one of our specialists to help design your ideal rig. Contact us


Superior Construction

Many trailers are constructed in both modular and walk-through designs. All-aluminum modular bodies constructed entirely of aluminum plate and extruded structural members comprised of aircraft grade aluminum.

Fully assembled, the internal structure included in the walls, roof, and floor forms a unitized roll cage throughout the entire body. The exterior body skins are bonded to the interlocking framework using a proprietary method specifically designed for aluminum-to-aluminum bonding. All interlocking structural members are welded for strength. Our units are designed for improved durability and longer operating life, high corrosion resistance, and are extremely strong.


Portable Trailer - Command Center Tent

A popular solution for creating a mobile command center is a trailer that includes an air-structure tent. Compact size and lower cost.


Drone Command Trailer

Designed to operate drones from a compact certified trailer.


Overall Cost Savings

With our years of experience, we’ve reduced of the cost of manufacturing specialty vehicles by using a unique set of processes that turn your requirements into detailed specifications and engineering packages to meet your expectations of strength, precision, and quality.

For more information, please contact us