Reliable Satellite Connections

Keeping you connected, always and all ways.

The applications of satellite connectivity are numerous and evolving every day. We partner with the best of the satellite providers for global coverage and combine this with cellular connectivity to guarantee coverage no matter the circumstances or location.

We offer tailored solutions, whether for bandwidth intensive connectivity for streaming and video calling or for monitoring devices that only require short-burst connectivity. Always-on and reliable connectivity to keep you in touch, no matter how remote, with various pricing options to avoid you paying for data you do not use.

Our comprehensive connectivity solutions include:

  • Short burst data (SBD) to real-time data feeds
  • Extensive satellite coverage from all major network providers
  • Robust set of Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) services
  • Connection to legacy 2G cellular networks up to 5G (LTE-M) and narrow band IoT (NB-IOT)
  • Tailored connectivity for industries including transport telematics, logistics, disaster recovery and renewables
  • Drone connectivity
  • Flexible range of devices including portables and handhelds.

Whether you require high bandwidth connectivity for streaming, always-on connectivity for alerts, reliable connectivity for lone workers’ safety, low-bandwidth for meter readings, remote connectivity for wild animal tracking…

We’ve got you covered

Connections solutions

Transport Telematics & Connectivity

Reliable communications that supply you with accurate data about your fleet are key to the success of your enterprise. We bring our customers the best in telematics technology so they can increase operational efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and ensure compliance with current legislation.

Transport Telematics Solutions

Renewables Connectivity

We specialise in retrieving metering and monitoring data from remote and hostile locations, whether it’s a hilltop wind resource, a tidal power system or a solar plant. We have developed end-to-end solutions that help our customers in the renewable energy industry retrieve their data from the field.

Renewables Connectivity

Disaster Recovery Connectivity

Flooding, power outages, fires, back-hoe digs, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, or any other regional unknowns can take cellular communication networks down, which is why Ground Control advocates a hybrid cellular and satellite strategy for assured internet and phone connectivity in a crisis.

Disaster Recovery Connectivity

Portable Connectivity

Ground Control's solutions for portable satellite communication include global WiFi and cellular hotspot devices, which are designed to be carried in a backpack or in a ruggedized case. Whether they're stationary or in motion, these devices ensure that you're always covered, wherever you are.

Portable Connectivity

Logistics Connectivity

Equipping transport containers with IoT edge devices from Ground Control helps supply chain managers track where their assets are, so that they can communicate effectively with customers, lower waiting times for offloading the goods on receipt, and transmit course corrections where needed.

Logistics Connectivity
Illustration showing a drone in flight

Drone Connectivity

Drones perform critical missions all over the world, and often venture too high or into areas too remote for cellular connectivity. A failover to satellite means that drone operators can track and command their devices wherever they are in the world, ensuring that they complete their task.

Drone Connectivity

Satellite Connectivity

We partner with the world’s leading satellite networks - Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar and Eutelsat - for pole-to pole coverage and complete flexibility. Our Cloudloop management interface enables customers to take close control of their devices, usage and billing.

Global Mobile Satellite Systems

Cellular Connectivity

When you choose a mobile airtime partner, you need a flexible, scalable solution that is tailored to your needs. We have global coverage options delivered through our own service and a range of partners to ensure we can provide the connectivity and coverage you need, at a price that suits your budget.

Cellular Connectivity