Data Logger Integration

What we do

Data loggers have changed the way we see the world. By taking periodic recordings of measurements from sensors and instruments located on the highest mountains and remotest oceans, scientists can record and predict future events. Ground Control provides communication solutions for connectivity with data loggers anywhere on the planet.

Data loggers are smaller and more mobile to meet a vast range of scientific applications. There is the capability to monitor and collect data and then power up the satellite modem to transmit data at timely intervals. This can be datasets or minimal transmission of only changes in values of interest. Pairing the right data logger with a satellite modem allows reporting by exception when data transmission is triggered by a threshold breach. Bi-directional connectivity enables remotely connected dataloggers to be interrogated to ensure sensors and instruments are delivering credible data.

Hughes 9502 Install 03a

“Over 40% reduction in the time required to detect and fix an issue [can be] achieved by impeccable synchronous effort of device and software.” – Online Engineering & Internet of Things

Never has it been so important to collect data from every corner of the world as scientists delve further into understanding how human activity is impacting on the planet. Satellite connectivity has a global reach. The transition from dial-up connections to GPRS and now IP connectivity allows greater volumes of data to be gathered for exploration of sustainable energy, monitoring, the capture of carbon to predicting natural disasters.

Our services include hardware, software and services to support the scientific community around the world:

  • Connectivity anywhere on the planet
  • IP and serial connectivity options
  • Lower power consumption.
  • Reliable data timely data delivery
  • Technical support services pre and post deployment