Portable Connectivity

Portable Satellite Internet Terminals

Portable satellite internet terminals enable multiple devices around them, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, and can be case based; turn the device on, close the case, and you’ll have high-speed internet for as long as the battery holds out, or indefinitely when connected to a power source. Handheld satellite phones are smaller and lighter weight, but facilitate communication through that single device, and, often only when in active use.

Another key feature of portable connectivity is that it needs to continue to send and receive data while on the move, so these terminals benefit from being auto-pointing – i.e. you do not have to re-point the device at a new satellite when you move position, the device does this automatically.

Satellite dish on car roof

“We take a consulting approach to sales, as we feel helping the customer find the correct solution is the right way to do business – instead of a “one size fits all.” With thousands of installations around the world, we have the experience necessary to make any project run smoothly.” – Jeff Staples, President, Ground Control North America

Ground Control proudly manufactures several best-in-class portable satellite internet terminals, and works with the most trusted OEMs to round out our range and give our customers the greatest choice, aiming to match you with the ideal service for your needs.

The BGAN devices powered by Inmarsat’s geostationary earth orbit satellites are rugged but small enough to fit into a laptop case. They offer internet speeds of up to 492 Kbps per second, and can be operated by anyone, anywhere. If you need faster speeds, have a look at the Iridium Certus-enabled Thales MissionLINK, with 700 Kbps speeds. All will connect reliably and securely, as long as there is a view of the sky.