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Transport Telematics Solutions

Telematics systems on road, air and sea freight

Telematics – telecommunications and informatics combined, the latter describing the act of processing data to find meaning – represents exciting opportunities for the transport industry. By processing the data from onboard sensors detecting location, motion, temperature, speed, and fuel consumption, fleet managers can optimize route planning, identify unsafe driver behavior, track assets and safeguard against theft.

Over land, sea and air, connectivity is a critical element of this process, ensuring that the data gathered can be transmitted back to base. Connectivity devices that switch between GSM when available, and satellite when out of cellular range, optimize connectivity and cost.

“Telematics offers large opportunities to strengthen the positive features of transport (availability, mobility), while minimizing its negative impacts (e.g. environmental pollution, energy consumption, congestion, accidents, infrastructure construction costs) without any additional spending on investment.”

– Jerzy Mikulski

Key to the success of any telematics solution is the reliability, ruggedness and interoperability of the devices used. Ground Control is an important element of this solution, as our devices collect your sensor data, and transmit it back to your base of operations via cellular or satellite. It’s an automatic switch ensuring that you always receive your data at the lowest cost for the transmission.

A further area where Ground Control can help is by facilitating your fleet managers’ need to have a single pane of glass view of your fleet operation. Our devices are delivered with robust, well documented and easy to use APIs, so you can layer other services such as maps and weather patterns over the data supplied to get an enriched view.