Wildlife Monitoring Connectivity

Helping to Protect Endangered Species

Helping prevent endangered species from poachers is an application of Ground Control’s satellite tracking services which makes us particularly proud. Both camera traps and wildlife tracking collars need to be able to transmit the data they receive quickly, reliably and securely to park rangers, so that poaching efforts can be prevented and animals protected.

The data from GPS tracking collars also helps researchers and managers to measure the extent to which animals range, their daily movements, diet, and other behavioural data. They can even measure the animals’ health, fertility, and temperature.


“In the world of conservation you often find yourself in situations where you need to work with what you’ve got. Many times, that’s not much! We are very happy to achieve these results in such a short time and to see them produce results better than we could have hoped for.” –, using the RockBLOCK

Getting this data back to base isn’t always easy, as cellular connectivity in remote areas is unreliable, so many park authorities and OEMs work with Ground Control to send the vital data they capture back via satellite.

With virtually real-time updates, pole-to-pole coverage, and 99.9% uptime, Ground Control’s robust, lightweight devices and satellite connectivity are an ideal solution for monitoring the welfare of endangered species.

There are further applications for satellite communication in wildlife monitoring situations; that of protecting park rangers, too, who risk their lives to protect animals. With satellite phones they can ensure close communication with their base of operations, coordinate themselves, and stay ahead of the poachers.

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