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We deliver seamless communication and control for high-value assets in remote environments.

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Unlocking Actionable Insights

Satellite IoT enables remote asset access, gathering crucial data for informed decision making. Including out-of-range alerts, historical reporting, and reliable and accurate control signals.

Seamless Global

Satellite technology expands network coverage worldwide, offering both primary and failover connectivity for remote assets. Ensure your operations remain connected, even if the grid stops.

Efficient Sensor Communication

Discover edge WAN terminals, advanced processing, and sensor connectors. Satellite-enabled gateways efficiently connect sensors, ensuring real-time data transfer, analysis, and control.

Connecting the Physical World

Satellite IoT communication isn’t one-way. From triggering automated irrigation to piloting drones BVLOS to increasing the flow of water through turbines; you can command your remote devices.

How It Works

The Ground Control IoT Tech Stack

These are the building blocks of the solutions we build for customers. It starts with understanding where your assets are, and whether they’re moving around; data volumes, data security, any power constraints, and the time-criticality of the receipt of your data.

From there we can build all, or elements of, the gateway: connecting sensors, delivering edge processing, and providing the means of communicating with the satellite network. We work with multiple satellite network operators to make sure our customers get the most suitable combination of data throughput, latency, coverage and cost.

Our powerful platform Cloudloop delivers subscription, device and data management for customers. Everything is available as a simplified and well documented API for seamless integration with existing workflows.

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Empowering Industry

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Data Loggers

How we support this sector

In remote use cases, poor cellular coverage may affect your customers’ connection and data quality. With satellite connectivity, Ground Control ensures that your customers’ data always reaches its destination, with no dependency on terrestrial network availability.

Products to support this sector

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How we support this sector

Accurate, real time data from infrastructure and assets at every point in the supply chain is a must for the Utilities industry. Ground Control can deliver a secure, 360° data view for remote monitoring, enabling effective utility supply orchestration via SCADA, IoT, and M2M solutions.

Products to support this sector

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How we support this sector

Satellite connectivity is a must for ocean-bound vessels and data buoys alike, and with Ground Control’s solutions, fishing fleets and yachts have phone, email, voice and data capabilities, wherever and whatever the conditions. We also offer intelligent tracking solutions to aid compliance and route optimization.

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How we support this sector

Ground Control specializes in affordable satellite solutions for remote Renewable energy sites like wind farms, solar installations, and hydroelectric plants. We design and build hybrid satellite/cellular transceivers for cost-effective data access and real-time asset monitoring, ensuring your critical data is accessible from anywhere in the world.

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How we support this sector

Ground Control supports environmental agencies and research initiatives with reliable, global connectivity. Satellite communications have successfully improved water resource management in drought-affected areas; monitored Tsunami warning indicators, and sounded alarms as appropriate to improve civilian safety; tracked fishing fleets to reduce unsustainable catches - and more.
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Military & Defense

How we support this sector

We work with First Responders and Military agencies all over the world, providing real-time, pole-to-pole coverage over land, air and sea. Delivering mission-critical, secure communications, we ensure you’re still able to communicate when the grid stops.

Products to support this sector

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Oil & Gas

How we support this sector

Ground Control can enable substantial operational improvements through the transmission of sensor data from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote. From exploration to flowback testing and drilling to recovery - we’ve got you covered at every stage of the oil well lifecycle.

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