Cloudloop Subscription Manager

Configure your data delivery

  • Configure your VPNs, firewalls, layer two connectivity for secure data delivery
  • Select from multiple delivery formats including MQTT, webhooks; decoded or raw
  • Set up your data end points
  • Configure storage and backups
Cloudloop Feature 1
Cloudloop Feature 2

Activate your devices and manage subscriptions

  • Activate, deactivate and suspend devices with one click
  • View and control device data usage across multiple networks

Set usage alerts and cost control measures

  • Minimise the risk of bill shock by scheduling usage alerts and real-time reports
  • Create a single view of your deployment with rich data dashboard
  • Manage session frequency to manage costs
  • Supports pre-paid vouchers ensuring your cost are completely predictable
Cloudloop Feature 3
Cloudloop Feature 6

Flexible, simplified billing

  • One bill for all of your subscriptions
  • Transparent and accurate billing
  • Set up data pooling to limit overage fees
  • Billing grouping allows you to view user-defined groups of devices’ usage and invoicing
  • One-click online bill payments

Integrate Cloudloop into your own system

  • Well documented REST API delivers seamless integration with existing workflows
  • Everything you can do in Cloudloop, you can do programmatically
Cloudloop Feature 5

See the platform in action

Self-serve with our developer docs or for a better look at the UI, watch our brief video.

Prefer to discuss your options or have more technical questions? Send us a message, and one of our developers will be in touch.


Frequently asked questions about Cloudloop Subscription Manager


• Iridium satellite phones such as the Iridium Extreme 9575
• Iridium SBD devices
• Iridium GO!
• RUDICS and Iridium dial-up data services
• Inmarsat BGAN
• Inmarsat BGAN M2M

Does your project require a device not currently listed? Get in touch. Our engineers are constantly working to improve Cloudloop, so it might be that the device is already on our roadmap or can be added.


• Iridium SBD
• Iridium RUDICS
• Iridium Telephony
• Iridium Certus 100
• Iridium Certus 200
• Iridium Certus 700
• Inmarsat BGAN
• Inmarsat BGAN M2M
• Telit cellular

Does your business need a way to better manage an airtime not currently listed? Get in touch. Our engineers are constantly working to improve Cloudloop, so it might already be on our roadmap.


Using our fully featured API, you can take full control of your Iridium SBD, Certus, Satellite Phone and Inmarsat BGAN contracts and billing and integrate them with your own platform. Making it easy for you to activate, suspend, deactivate and review billing information programmatically via your own system.

In fact, Ground Control are the only Iridium Service Provider who will deliver your SBD data directly to and from your own Amazon SQS queues. We provide a CloudFormation stack which creates your queues and takes care of cross account permissions.

“At long last I can see reliable itemized usage costs for all our Iridium devices!”

John Bilger, CEO

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