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Iridium Pilot Brochure
Iridium Pilot Brochure
Captain Communication
Captain to Captain
Iridium Pilot - 100% Global Satellite Internet & Phone
A 90 Minute Pre-Paid GoChat Crew Cards is $49 USD ...that's $0.54 cents per minute - more
Iridium Pilot
  Iridium Pilot - Complete Package
Price: $4,995 USD
With 20 meter antenna cable + 2 phones


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please email or call to order.

What Is Iridium?

The Iridium Pilot is the 2012 successor to the popular maritime Iridium OpenPort terminal. The Pilot is designed to operate in freezing or blazing weather, high winds and rolling seas. It provides a reliable broadband Internet data connection as well as high-quality voice in one low-cost portable platform. Best of all, it has 100% pole-to-pole coverage making sure to keep anyone connected anywhere on the globe.
Iridium Pilot Brochure

Phone & Internet
Each Iridium Pilot ships with 2 phones and a 20 meter antenna cable to connect the antenna to the transceiver. Simply turn the system on and you're able to connect any computer to the Internet, and make or receive calls from anyone on the globe.

Cost Effective Open Sea Communications
Engineered To Perform In The Toughest Of Sea Conditions

Boat with Iridium Pilot

Iridium Pilot Features At A Glance:
100% global... Even on the North and South poles
Built for Extreme conditions - Heat, cold, wind, rain, rolling seas
Three separate phone lines, that can be used simultaneously. System ships with 2 phones.
Calling cost average $0.75 per minute.. as low as $0.54 per minute with GoChat Cards.
Incoming calls are free, however, calling party will be charged their provider's rates.
 Internet connectivity (up to 134 Kbps) for all connected computers (Ethernet DHCP).
Easy to Install. Please review Iridium Pilot Installation Manual.
Flexible and attractive pricing packages
Lightweight, low-profile
5 Year limited warranty - Free

Iridium Pilot Connection Diagram

Iridium Pilot Brochure Iridium Pilot Brochure Iridium Pilot Users Manaul Iridium Pilot Users Manual

Powered by Iridium OpenPort broadband service
For ships large and small, the Iridium OpenPort broadband service offers highly reliable broadband voice and data communications priced to fit any budget. Connected to the world's largest and only truly global commercial communication network, providing pole-to-pole coverage for ships at sea, it works everywhere on the planet.

Looks After The Crew
Iridium Pilot's three independent phone lines increase retention by helping you keep the crew happy - there's no need to line up to call. Flexible and affordable prepaid options allow calling even at peak times (calling prices are identical at all hours).

Internet On The Poles
Since Iridium is 100% global, the Pilot happens to be the fastest way to connect to the Internet for those venturing into polar regions (134 Kbps). The system is designed for harsh frozen marine weather with operational temperatures of -22° to 158° F (-30° to +70° C)... so it's truly Polar Ready.

Iridium Pilot's many uses

Industry Leading 5 Year Warranty - FREE
Iridium Pilot is backed by the Iridium Global Service program, an industry leading five-year limited manufacturer's warranty (one-year accessories) which offers exceptional value and peace of mind, and is backed by around-the-clock shipboard service at over 60 shipping ports worldwide. Iridium's Global Service Program keeps your maritime communications ship-shape at all times.

Openport Controller

The Iridium Pilot transceiver unit contains three RJ11 jacks, enabling users to make up to three simultaneous voice calls, even during data transmission. Crew members can be assigned individual "Go Chat" cards that keep calling costs low, and simplify accounting of minutes used. For Internet, the single Ethernet port provides a connection to a standard PC or to a router or hub for multiple PCs.

Iridium Openport Sim Card

Iridium Sim Card Iridium OpenPort/Pilot Data (Internet) Plans
Internet access is via Ethernet (data port) on the controller
Internet speeds of up to 134 Kbps in both directions
Global Phone & Internet Usage - No Restrictions
Data Plans
134 Kbps Speeds
Out-Of-Plan Costs
In Megabytes
Monthly Data Fee
(U.S. Dollars)
0 MB
Cancel Anytime
$10.90 per MB $0
Speeds start at 9.6 Kbps
*Upgrades to 134 available
10 MB
Cancel Anytime
$10.51 per MB

Up to 134 Kbps Speeds

25 MB
Cancel Anytime
$10.14 per MB $253
Up to 134 Kbps Speeds
50 MB
Cancel Anytime
$9.73per MB $486
Up to 134 Kbps Speeds
100 MB
Cancel Anytime
$8.97 per MB $895
Up to 134 Kbps Speeds
 150 MB
Cancel Anytime
$8.17 per MB $1,226
Up to 134 Kbps Speeds
 250 MB
Cancel Anytime
$7.41 per MB $1,849
Up to 134 Kbps Speeds
  Iridium OpenPort/Pilot Phone Plan
Call any landline, cellphone or other Iridium phone worldwide for the same price posted below
Phone Plans
Minutes Per Month
Out-Of-Plan Costs
Landline or Cellphone
(Iridium to Iridium)
Monthly Phone Fee
0 Minutes
Cancel Anytime
$1.22 per minute
($0.75 per minute)
100 Minutes
Cancel Anytime
$1.02 per minute
($0.75 per minute)
200 Minutes
Cancel Anytime
$0.93 per minute
($0.75 per minute)
300 Minutes
Cancel Anytime
$0.75 per minute
($0.75 per minute)
500 Minutes
Cancel Anytime
$0.70 per minute
($0.75 per minute)
1000 Minutes
Cancel Anytime
$0.65 per minute
($0.75 per minute)
   Lower Incoming Call Costs And Give Your Phone A Local Number
         Keeps incoming call costs to $1.50 per minute for people who call your satellite phone. more

  bullet Actual monthly costs = monthly Data Plan + monthly Phone Plan.
  bullet Month-to-Month terms (30 day minimum) for all accounts.
  bullet Service is pro-rated for the first month. Billing begins on the 1st of each month. - Cancel at any month's end.
  bullet There is an activation fee of $29.95 for all accounts. The Usage Only service may have additional costs.
  bullet *The 0 MB Usage Only plan starts at 9.6 Kbps. Upgrade to 134 Kbps for a one time charge of $300.
  bullet Phone rates posted are to ANY standard landline, cellphone or other iridium phone worldwide.
  bullet Non-Standard Iridium Phone Rates to other phones, such as voice mail, and two stage dialing.
  bullet Free incoming calls (however, costs are burdened on the calling party). - Reduce these costs here
  bullet Assign phone numbers for each of the 3 phone lines. One line is for the captain... two lines for crew.
  bullet Plans list in MBs (Megabytes) and Kbps (Kilobits per second).
  bullet Unused Minutes and Megabytes do not rollover to following months.

  bullet Public IP Addresses are not available for Iridium Openport service.

GoChat Openport Cards
GoChat Cards - Inexpensive Calling For The Crew
GoChat cards are ideal for crew members because cards are prepaid for 12 months from when the 1st call is made, and not when the card is purchased. Phone minutes can be used anytime, 24 hour a day, 7 days a week. GoChat cards are NOT sim cards, but are simply a 4 digit access code, with a pin number. You may purchase physical GoChat cards or virtual cards (access code + pin).
GoChat Brochure

GoChat Icon  GoChat Openport Cards - Prepaid Crew Calling on Crew Phone
GoChat Prepaid Cards
Card Type
Virtual or Physical
Cost per Minute
Same price 24-7
Prepaid Cost (USD)
45 Minutes Card Physical Card $0.59 per Minute $26.65
45 Minutes Card Virtual Card $0.59 per Minute $26.65
90 Minutes Card Physical Card $0.54 per Minute $49
90 Minutes Card Virtual Card $0.54 per Minute $49
  bullet GoChat cards are for phone minutes only (no Internet) and can be used at anytime with no restrictions.
  bullet A virtual GoChat card is just the pin number only. No physical card is issued.
  bullet GoChat cards expire 1 year from the First Phone Call made on the card, and not when card is purchased.
  bullet Purchase 1, 10, or 50 GoChat Cards (or virtual card numbers) and pass them out when needed.
  bullet GoChat cards may call any landline or cellular phone worldwide, but not other types of phones.
  bullet GoChat cards may not receive calls, or make calls to other satellite terminal types.
  bullet GoChat cards are unable to be refilled.
  bullet GoChat Card Instructions On Use (Openport cards may only be used on Openport systems).

Iridium Openport Standard Phones

Each Pilot system ships with two different desk phones, a captain's phone and and a crew phone. Both include language buttons and a waiting voicemail light. The voice ports (RJ-11) are also capable of supporting any standard analog phone (corded or cordless). Additional desk phones for the Pilot system (shown above) can be purchases for $133 each.

BGAN Optimized Lapotp
Long-Range Cordless Phones
Add cordless phones to your Iridium Pilot that can stay connect up to 2 miles away (3.2 km). These phone can make or receive calls, and talk to each other independent of the base-station. $1,995 for portable case solution... While designed for BGAN, these phone work just as well with the Iridium Pilot.
Long-Range Cordless Phones.

 Iridium Pilot Specifications
Iridium Pilot Brochure
Iridium Pilot Users Manual
Iridium Pilot Installation Guide

Iridium Pilot Captain's Phone

Iridium Pilot Crew Phone

Other Iridium Pilot Accessories or Replacement Items
Captain's Desk Phone. SMN-20649 BBCA0801 Call  
Crew Desk Phone. SMN-20650 BBCR0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - below deck unit (BDU) SMN-20646 BBDE0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - power supply, BDU SMN-20647 BBPS0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - mounting brackets, BDU power supply SMN-20648 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - antenna mounting kit SMN-20376 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - cord, power supply - UK SMN-20651 BPCU0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - cord, power supply - EU SMN-20652 BPCE0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - cord, power supply - US SMN-20653 BPCUS0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - cord, power supply - AUST SMN-20654 BPCA0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - cord, power supply - Japan SMN-20655 BPCJ0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - cable, ADE to BDE -- 20M SMN-20656 BSOC0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - cable, ADE to BDE -- 50M SMN-20657 BLOC0801 Call  
SIM card, for use only on OpenPort SMN-20658 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - above deck unit (ADU) SMN-20661 BADE0801 Call  
Iridium OpenPort - ADE pole bracket mount, SMN-20662 BAPM0801 Call  
Iridium Openport to Pilot Conversion Program. SMN-20673 Call  

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