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Iridium Certus 700 Series

In early 2019 Iridium updated their entire constellation of 66 low-earth orbiting satellites that were placed in operational orbit in 1998. This much-needed 20 year technology upgrade was a game-changer and now Iridium satellites are delivering high-speed Internet (up to 700 Kbps), push-to-talk, M2M, and Aviation services that were not available… until now.

Iridium Certus is now available, at varying levels of throughput – from the M2M applications of Certus 100 enabled devices like the RockREMOTE through to the high-throughput Certus 700 services you’ll find on this page.

Iridium Certus 700 Service Plans
  • High-Speed IP data (Internet) up to 700 Kbps download by 352 Kbps upload
  • Excellent voice quality over the new Certus network
  • 100% global connectivity – even at the North and South Poles
  • Operates with 66 Low Earth Orbiting satellites orbiting 485 miles (781 km) over Earth
  • Low latency (395 +- 100 milliseconds depending on location)
  • WiFi Hotspot – 802.11b/g for up to 12 devices; WPA2 wireless security
  • Can use Internet and phone service simultaneously.

100% Global Coverage and Service

Iridium Certus services are 100% global even on the North and South Poles at full available speeds.

There is no place above ground the service does not cover; an excellent advantage over other satellite service that have limited service regions or line-of-sight obstructions.

The Iridium network uses 66 satellites that are moving in Low-Earth-Orbit.

Iridium Coverage Map

Low Earth Orbit = Low Latency

A major benefit of the Iridium LEO Low-Earth-Orbiting satellites is latency (or ping time) is far less than Geo-Stationary satellites since Iridium satellites are under 500 miles above earth and not 23,000 miles away.

Iridium’s network latency is pinging at about 395ms +- 100 milliseconds, compared with Geo-Stationary satellites that have latency of 500 to 1000 milliseconds. Many applications such as VPNs operate far better on a low latency connection.

Satellite Orbit Heights

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