Precision Forestry with Satellite Connectivity

Harness satellite connectivity for digital data collection and operational control, facilitating precision forestry. We provide the tools for transmitting data that improve forestry operations, mitigates risks, improves harvesting efficiency, and reduces overall costs.

In the long run you will see improved wood quality, ensuring you reduce wastage while increasing profits – all while protecting the environment from unnecessary loss.


Utilising satellite connectivity in forestry

Connecting people and machines, even when they travel out of cellular coverage, ensures safe, seamless and efficient work for forestry services.

Critical communication

Reliable communication is key for forest workers - especially those at risk during extreme cold, heavy rain or high windy weather conditions. Stay in touch with lone workers for real-time knowledge of their position in the field.

Total visibility

Satellites will transmit key data from forests with limited or no terrestrial coverage allowing for precision forestry from afar - saving time and money for forest services.

Location spotting

Personnel trackers provide location updates as frequently as every 15 seconds ensuring managers have a precise view of where their team members are in woods and forests, aiding better workload assessments and safety.

Early warning

Speed of response is an essential element in emergency rescue management. Couple your local area sensor network with a satellite device for data backhaul, and you'll know within seconds when temperatures, winds and waters rise above normal parameters.

BVLOS operation

Drones are transforming forestry operations, from spotting invasive species, to monitoring contractors' work, to assessing the impact of forest dangers. With Ground Control, you can stay connected with your drones wherever they are.

Data management

Getting your data back in a format that your existing systems can interpret is easy with Ground Control. Our fully-featured APIs and our online platform Cloudloop delivers device / subscription management, and tracking capabilities.

Here to help

We've been working with satellite connectivity for over 20 years, so we know a thing or two about protecting your people and information and the importance of receiving your data reliably and efficiently.

To learn more about our systems, services and airtime packages, and how these can help you consistently service your own customers better, get in touch today.