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Connecting Remote Devices

Future-proofing customer connectivity

In remote use cases, poor cellular coverage may affect your customers’ connection and data quality. With satellite connectivity, Ground Control ensures that your customers’ data always reaches its destination, with no dependency on terrestrial network availability. This enables data logger, sensor and gateway manufacturers to deliver secure, reliable data transfer from the most remote reaches of the globe.

Ground Control provides satellite IoT connectivity through our in-house devices and great relationships with satellite network operators. Working with us is extremely flexible, and tailored to your requirements, whether satellite will be your primary or failover communication method.

Why partner with us for remote data logger connectivity?

Reputable satellite networks

Our relationships with satellite network operators go back 20 years. In this use case, we typically utilise Iridium Certus 100 or Inmarsat BGAN M2M, both on L-Band frequency, to ensure a satellite connection that delivers fast, secure, low latency IoT data transfer.

Our engineering credentials

We make our own hardware products, write the software, and manage the service. You can trust us. We also partner with other leading manufacturers when they have particularly effective technology, and we'll always pair you with the best device for your needs.

Installation support

We'll provide as much or as little technical support as required for the installation, from developer documentation and API for your own engineering team, or a more comprehensive onboarding and handholding for your customers; whichever is the best fit.

Affordable connectivity

Satellite has a reputation for being very expensive, but the proliferation of new entrants has changed all that. Satellite data transmission is now very cost-effective, opening up new use cases. Further, our devices offer dual-mode LTE / satellite, with lowest cost routing.

Service highlights


Ground Control's proprietary device and data management platform offers additional value and support to the end customer experience. As a data logger or gateway manufacturer you may already provide a customer platform for device support and 4/5G cellular data insight. Cloudloop can be fully integrated into yours or your customers' eco system, providing a single view for satellite airtime billing, device monitoring and security settings.


For midrange IoT developments, RockREMOTE bridges the gap between legacy technology and evolving infrastructure, and it's our recommended solution for remote data logger backhaul. It's highly flexible, allowing data transmission via LTE, via Iridium Certus 100 (satellite), and also via Iridium Messaging Transport (IMT).

IMT is a message-based service that sends/receives messages up to 100,000 bytes in a highly cost effective way. It's backed up by our IoT Gateway which enables easy integration with other equipment and applications through the lingua-franca of the IoT industry — MQTT.

Partnership your way

Finding the right solution ahead of installation can save you, the manufacturer, both time and money. Working with the right partner can guarantee a service that's tailored to your expectations, offering you and your customers a seamless experience. Ground Control's technical expertise can be utilised to ensure interoperability, to enhance your own cellular-based solution, or to enable your customer to bridge any connectivity gaps with an easy self-install solution.

Keep your customers' data flowing

With the ever-growing applications for industrial IoT and advances in infrastructure, we want to help keep you and your customers' data connected. So that nothing gets left behind.

Future proof your customers' technology and connectivity, and partner with us today in a way that works for you. For more information...