Reliable two-way communications anywhere, via satellite

Telecommunications are relied upon by billions each day for reliable, high-speed internet data transfer, real-time video streaming from remote locations around the world, and to enable mission-critical military communications to prevent loss of life. Over 2,000 artificial satellites facilitate these telecommunication services when users are out of reach of cellular and fibre networks.

For these users in remote and off-grid areas, satellite services enable internet access and two-way communication including VoIP calls, SMS messaging and streaming live video. These can be a lifeline for critical comms and application services such as emergency response and military operations.


Keeping you, your people, and your assets connected when the grid stops

Remote operation connectivity

Satellite connectivity enables monitoring, tracking and control of remote sites and the remote workers operating at those sites. In locations where traditional communication infrastructure is lacking or unreliable, satellite ensures that remote operations maintain efficiency and safety.

Enhanced tracking logistics

The development of IoT and M2M has enabled businesses to go beyond the basics of GPS location asset tracking. Remote tracking now provides end-to-end in-transit visibility including exposure to shock, light or heightened temperatures or humidity, for advanced freight and logistics handling and efficient transportation services across the world.

Secure data transmission

From confidential remote monitoring applications to classified military operations, there are a number of scenarios that rely on robust, secure communication solutions. Satellite data traffic is already relatively secure meeting most military and government security standards with options to add data encryption, firewalls and more, including private networks.

Powering the utilities with reliable telecoms

In the power sector alone, 53% report they are unable to fully monitor connected systems. Ground Control delivers two-way satellite connectivity throughout the network, using SBD, BGAN and Certus-enabled terminals in “dead zones”. Our own hybrid Iridium Certus / LTE product, RockREMOTE, guarantees robust communication, while bridging the gap between legacy technology and digital service evolution – supporting both IP and serial M2M.

Safeguarding lone workers

Field technicians need to remain connected with their base of operations for their safety, to complete tasks and submit reports, and for their well-being. With satellite connectivity, you can guarantee that maintenance, and remote installation teams are able to remain in contact, at all times. Personal tracking devices like the RockSTAR deliver peace of mind, with location updates, up to every 15 seconds.

Saving lives with telecoms technology

Satellite transceivers like the RockBLOCK Plus are a great example of how IoT applications can be used to protect lives. RockBLOCK Plus can be used to monitor specific warning indicators, such as rising flood water levels. When paired with a sophisticated monitoring system, the RockBLOCK Plus can also trigger an alarm if and when warning indicator data exceeds appropriate parameters, ensuring safe evacuation from flood risk areas.

Satcoms and sustainable development

Satellite communications support many initiatives designed to protect our environment; from monitoring renewable energy to anti-poaching, to supporting scientists’ understanding of the impact of climate change. Satellite connectivity continues to have a positive impact in helping nations achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This has included satellite-based Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) in Indonesia to reduce illegal and unreported catches, and the deployment of BGAN data terminals in the Philippines to coordinate effective disaster relief response.

Securing services from cyber attack

The TSAT satellite system is specifically designed to meet the demanding data communication requirements of the SCADA and utility industries. TSAT provides a highly secure, private satellite network operating a direct data communication channel between a process control centre and remote locations. Compatible with both IP and legacy serial devices, it complements and offers an alternative solution to terrestrial networks, ensuring connectivity at all times.

Here to help

With over 20 years of satellite experience, the Ground Control team are well placed to help telecommunication companies expand your coverage and services into remote areas. With hybrid cellular and complete satellite connectivity solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your communication or connectivity needs, we can help.