Military & Defence


Reliable, secure communications for defence

Systems designed to suit the mission. We enable real-time asset tracking, communications, operational oversight and coordination, in remote and hostile environments.

Ground Control delivers resilient, comprehensive solutions for military operations, with complete independence from commercial communication networks.


Powering tactical and strategic operations with secure, mission-critical communications via military grade hardware

Safeguard armed services personnel

Real-time communication and navigation can make or break a mission. Maintain continual contact with soldiers and assets on the ground, ensuring you’re able to support and meaningfully coordinate actions.

Improve network

Ensure your military operations run effortlessly. Deliver information to serving personnel exactly when they need it, without compromising security, via fully redundant and encrypted networks.

Achieve cost-efficient operations

With multiple Tier one network partnerships, Ground Control facilitates increasingly cost-effective military operations. Offering the best possible airtime packages and robust, case based solutions that can be shared among teams.

Reimagining mobile command vehicles

Partnering with specialist vehicle companies, we have developed mobile command trailers and trucks for a variety of defence sector organisations. Creating vehicle solutions including mobile command posts, drone control trailers and EOD bomb recovery trucks, to support special operations.

With ideas many customers may not have considered, we can add significant value and flexibility while reducing your overall costs.

Facilitate cross-team communications

Iridium Push-To-Talk handsets are a cost effective way for agencies to immediately communicate one-to-one, or in talk groups. With the flexible Command Center, agencies can interoperate with other organisations, as well as adjust geographical Talk Group regions to allow for out of the area participation. Satellite phones also operate pole-to-pole and boast fantastic battery lives.

Safe training & deployment

Given the often remote and hostile environments soldiers must face, military training exercises are also undertaken in arduous conditions and in remote locations. Organisations can promote better safety during both preparation and deployment, utilising enhanced personal tracking devices. These can be customised to continuously monitor vital signs, and global messaging features, enable leaders to notify individuals once training drills are complete.

Internet connectivity for remote teams

Combat zones are seldom well-equipped to support military operations. Military satellite communications systems, such as the MCD MissionLINK are easily transported and deployed by one person for high speed connectivity, from any location. With an integrated wireless access point, this satellite solution can become a multi-user hotspot in minutes.

Real-time video streaming

Often armed services and police agencies need to transmit and/or facilitate via drones, real-time video streaming. With satellite connectivity, situational and operational awareness can be shared with Command Centre at all times. Promoting better and faster identification of potential threats and collecting valuable information for strategic and training purposes.

Supporting defence organisations

Whether it’s for tracking a deployed soldier in the field or managing a civil-military operation from the command centre, Ground Control provides military organisations with access to secure and reliable networks.

In order to succeed, you need a communications provider you can rely on. With 20 years experience, delivering mission critical data, whatever the communications challenge - Ground Control can help.