Broadcast Media


Satellite connectivity for Broadcast Media

Ground Control helps Media partners break news first, from anywhere in the world with ubiquitous, satellite solutions.

We supply portable connectivity systems that enable truly mobile news desks, wifi hotspots to support store and forward options and handheld devices to better safeguard reporters.

From large scale media teams, to single freelance reporters, we help the press stay connected with their audiences and the studio.


Supporting Media with flexible, scalable solutions and bandwidth efficient connectivity

Safeguard reporters

Reporters can be exposed to real-life security risks. Promote diligent security practices with lightweight, small sized, tracking and messaging devices.

Keep citizens informed

With increasing competition and demand for real-time news, we keep press teams connected so they can broadcast live, as and when updates break.

Mobile newsdesk

We equip cars, trailers and RVs with portable satellite equipment, enabling rapid deployment and ensuring your team can move with the story.

Promote journalist safety

Journalists can easily find themselves in remote and hostile environments, out of reach of cellular network coverage. They need to be able to communicate with sources, studios and access relevant files, while maintaining diligent security practices. Under these circumstances, a discreet, reliable means of sending and receiving messages, and pinpointing location is vital. Satellite connectivity solves this challenge, and devices like Ground Control’s RockSTAR provide the means.

Store and forward content

Filming in remote locations can be expensive and often studios require footage, edited or otherwise, to be safely stored and sent across as soon as possible. Ground Control works with multiple OEMs and satellite network service providers to bring you the best choice for all budgets. Enabling your team to share content - without worrying about connectivity or storage.

Broadcast remote production

If you’re heading out to report on the aftermath of a disaster, or covering incidents taking place in remote areas, connectivity is essential. Satellite terminals are portable, often very light weight, and easy to use. As satellite connectivity is capable of both supporting bandwidth-demanding streaming, and reducing packet loss and drop-outs; you can achieve high-quality live new broadcasting, from anywhere in the world.

Evolving business models

Media companies are faced with increasing demand for IP video and pressure to streamline operations while maintaining high-quality production. Ground Control delivers bandwidth efficient, cost-effective transmission solutions, supporting Media companies across multiple audio, video and metadata formats, in addition to ad-hoc real-time news broadcasts.

Helping you keep the public informed

With increasing demand for real-time news, we help press teams report direct to their audience, ahead of other outlets.

We have experience helping Media companies with both traditional and complex broadcasting workflows, ensuring the most efficient, cost-effective service plans. For expert, objective advice on your next project, simply get in touch.