We offer competitively priced and flexible service plans for your satellite airtime.
Networks include Iridium SBD and Certus, Inmarsat/Viasat BGAN, BGAN M2M, and VSAT.

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Short Burst Data Service Plans

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Short Burst Data Tracking Tariffs

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Iridium Certus 100 Service Plans

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Iridium Certus 200 Service Plans

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Iridium Certus 700 Service Plans

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Iridium Go! Service Plans

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BGAN Service Plans

BGAN Service Plans

BGAN Standard+

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BGAN Streaming Services

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BGAN M2M Service

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BGAN Prepaid Vouchers

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iDirect Service Plans

iDirect Service Plans

Emergency Mobile Responder (EMR) Service Package

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Coverage Map

Inmarsat/Viasat L-band
Ku-band VSAT (iDirect)
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Why purchase from Ground Control?

Ground Control offers very competitive satellite airtime service plans, tailored to your individual data and connectivity requirements, ensuring that you get the best service plan at the best rates for your usage.

We can almost certainly save you money. We have access to very competitive service plans with all of our airtime providers, thanks to the stability and longevity of our relationships.

We can prevent bill shock. Cloudloop give real-time data about your data usage, and you can set up alerts for specified thresholds. Plus you can programmatically suspend devices that go over their limit.

We make it easy for you to activate, suspend and deactivate your devices remotely - either through our Cloudloop platform, or through integration with your own platform.

It’s really easy to move your airtime to us. We will just need to know the IMEIs of the devices you have, and we can organize the swap. If they are with another provider you will just need to ask them to deactivate any current contracts, and they can then be immediately activated on our systems.

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Manage Your Data

If you own or operate satellite equipment, Cloudloop will provide you with a single place to manage your contracts and analyze your usage. We offer low-cost tariffs, a web-based interface and a full featured API.

As a huge plus, our Cloudloop platform lets you remotely activate, suspend and deactivate your devices, see data usage and costs in real time, and view historical reports. You can access your data easily with low latency APIs for message consumption, too.

Supported Devices

  • Iridium satellite phones such as the Iridium Extreme 9575
  • Iridium SBD devices
  • Iridium Certus 100 devices
  • Iridium GO!
  • RUDICS and Iridium dial-up data services
  • Inmarsat/Viasat BGAN
  • Inmarsat/Viasat BGAN M2M

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We promise to match the price of your current provider, plus you get the added bonus of some great benefits including the ability to manage your device activation, track usage and manage billing all from your desktop.