Military & Defense


Secure, Pole-to-pole Military Communications

Ground Control helps improve military engagement success, with faultless satellite internet and communications, across land, air and sea.

From army bases to educational facilities, our military satcom systems enable serving personnel to access critical data, applications and maintain contact with other battalions and command center. Wherever they are deployed, whatever the mission.


Specialized Command Vehicles & Trailers

Partnering with specialist vehicle companies, we have developed mobile command trailers and trucks for a variety of organizations including local, state and federal agencies. Including mobile command posts, drone control trailers and EOD bomb recovery trucks.

With ideas many customers may not have considered, we can add significant value and flexibility while reducing your overall costs.

Delivering the Armed Forces a tactical edge

Secure, high-speed, mission-critical communications via military grade hardware

Keep troops safe

Real-time communication can make or break a mission. Ensure complete operational oversight with continual contact between Command Center, serving personnel and assets, including vehicles and UAVs.

Better operation mobility

Deliver location certainty to soldiers, no matter the circumstances. Use satellite-enabled, interoperable communications and tracking devices, to meaningfully coordinate actions in remote and hostile environments.

Better network security

Power government operations with secure, encrypted satellite networks. Facilitating voice, data and video capabilities, even in combat zones. With zero dependency on commercial communication networks.

Supporting Defense Organizations

Ground Control facilitates thousands of global organizations’ remote, satellite communication needs. From the Naval Surface Warfare Center, to the US Coast Guard, to the Marine Corps Community Services.

We’re proud to support defense and government organizations with the highest service, straight forward procurement and around the clock support. Contact the team today, to learn how our solutions are evolving with the defense sector.