Cloudloop Device Manager

Monitor. Maintain. Troubleshoot.

Cloudloop Device Manager (CDM) is an essential tool for any IoT/M2M customer looking to reduce operational costs and improve device performance by remotely troubleshooting and monitoring, in real time, the health of devices in challenging and remote locations from the comfort of their office.

With its simple and easy-to-use web interface, our highly secure, cloud-based device management platform allows BGAN M2M and RockREMOTE customers to streamline device management processes in one platform.


Cloudloop Device Manager's key functions

  • Monitor the health status of your remote device(s) and get up-to-date, essential, device information
  • Create custom device connection alerts and notifications
  • Access service and system logs to enable remote troubleshooting
  • Initiate basic command functions
  • Complete Over The Air (OTA) software updates.
Cloudloop Device Manager overview

Keeping your data secure

Combined with the Ground Control Delivery Network, CDM provides a truly secure connection to devices, properly segregating communications data from device information while providing unparalleled insight into deployed devices.

CDM Security Diagram

CDM integration with Cloudloop Subscription Management

Part of the Cloudloop ecosystem

Part of the Cloudloop services suite, Device Manager combines device and subscription data to provide a rich view of remote devices without needing to send an engineer to site. Click-through from each device to:

  • Manage the activation, deactivation, and suspension of your subscribed devices
  • View real time and historical usage data
  • View and manage billing of your services
  • Create custom alerts for usage and expenditure
  • Monitor your communications in real time.
Cloudloop Subscription Management

Devices that can be managed in CDM

Today, CDM is available for for all Inmarsat BGAN M2M and BGAN devices, in addition to the Iridium Certus 100-enabled RockREMOTE and RockREMOTE Rugged.

We’re working hard to add more devices and services to the list.

CDM device agnostic

Technical Features

Iridium Certus
Inmarsat BGAN M2M
Inmarsat BGAN
Default Connection Method:
Iridium Messaging Transport (IMT)
Traffic Monitoring & Alerts:
Set & Update Location:
Device System Information:
Satellite Modem Information:
Cellular Modem Information:
Connection Status Information:
Device Status Information:
Device Log Retrieval:
Reboot Device:
Remote Software Update:
Initiate IP Connection:
Remote Configuration:

Frequently asked questions about Cloudloop Device Manager

What connection methods are available?

CDM service data can be transmitted using a number of routes depending on the satellite network service. This will be done using the most cost efficient route as default (usually Out-of-band connectivity) and only when initiated by the operator to ensure that operational costs remain completely controlled.

How does Out-of-band Management help with operational costs?

Where available, CDM uses a communications channel which is separated from the main data communications stream, often providing a far cheaper method of communication for device status information.

For BGAN and BGAN M2M, SMS is utilised for this purpose which transmits short commands to the device initiated from the CDM user interface which are then actioned and responded to by the device.

For Certus 100 and RockREMOTE, the Iridium IMT service is used for this purpose, providing an efficient communication mechanism for device status data.

Can IP Communication be used in CDM?

Where there is a need for greater data capacity or an out of band mechanism is not available, communication over the primary IP connection can be used for CDM data.

This will be used in scenarios such as remote software updates when connecting directly to the BGAN device web user interface.

Can I set up monitoring and alerts?

Yes. By setting device connection alerts and notifications, you’ll improve your visibility of problem devices.

CDM Monitoring and Alert functionality enables rapid identification of potential device issues visualised on a map based view and via Cloudloop user alerts.

Devices can be monitored individually or added to a monitoring group, with last-seen time thresholds set based on when devices last transmitted data over the satellite network.

Get a demo of Cloudloop Device Manager

Satellite IoT often means devices are in remote, hard to reach locations (otherwise you'd probably be using cellular or fibre connectivity!), which can present challenges if you need to reboot your device or perform diagnostics. CDM was built to manage these tasks, and more, removing the need to send an engineer on site.

If you'd like to learn more about CDM, complete the form, or call / email us and one of our team will be happy to take you through a demo of the key features.
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