Cloudloop: Configure. Connect. Control.

Our IoT platform Cloudloop puts you in control of your devices, usage, network and data.
Tightly integrated with satellite networks and continuously improved by our engineers,
we’re able to deliver real-time insight and value.

Cloudloop Components

Subscription Manager

Search and manage your subscriber account. View current plans, contracts and device plan status.
Activate, deactivate and suspend subscribers, and view account usage and associated costs.

Device Manager

Remotely manage your IoT devices. Monitor device health, complete (OTA) software updates.
Create custom connection alerts and notifications, and ultimately, reduce the number of engineering site visits.

Cloudloop Data

Organize and view the activity of your IoT ‘Things’. Manage your ‘Things’ into meaningful groups and decide how your data is consumed.
Utilize message boards and pre-configured destinations.

Cloudloop Tracking

Real-time monitoring of your asset(s) location.
Trace exact coordinates and speed of travelling assets and view historical timelines of asset events. Multiple terrain mapping options.

Remote Management And IoT System Monitoring

  • Device Health Checks – Remote monitoring, status checks and device updates
  • Asset Location and Geofencing – Real time track and trace of assets, teams or devices
  • Messaging and Data Status– Manage live coded and decoded data, as it flows through the IoT system
  • Usage Spikes – Manage user accounts, ensure no rogue activity or expenditure
  • Security and Firewalls– With access and permissions in place, NOC management gives engineering oversight of data movement
  • Popular Pre-Integrated Destinations – Connect to leading cloud platforms, data storage and IoT dashboards with reduced, to minimal, developer effort
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Built By Developers
For Developers

Whether building your own platform from scratch or integrating into an existing data ecosystem. The Cloudloop Data domain offers scalability, interoperability and system integration with ease.

Helping Partners
Manage Their Customers

Valuing a partnership that works for you and your customers. Cloudloop Subscription Manager platform provides the tools for easy 3rd party billing and account management.

Moving Your Project
Off The Starting Blocks

For IoT Enthusiasts, Researchers, Community Experimenters, and Innovators alike. Cloudloop Device Manager makes connecting to your data and remote managing your equipment practical and straightforward.

See The Platform In Action

Cloudloop is based on a Principle of Ease.

Helping your IoT project run smoothly, no matter the level of developer experience.

The Platform Provides:

Guided onboarding and set up. A lowcode/no code IoT integration, or developer documentation, API, and coding examples. Utilize our software in your own IoT system design.

One simple Login

Five domains of IoT Management; Device Manager, Subscription Manager, Asset Tracking, Messaging and Data Management and Network Operations Management (NOC) (coming soon)

Where Cloudloop Sits Within The Data System

Cloudloop is a critical element of Ground Control’s overall contribution to secure and reliable data transfer. It encompasses data delivery configuration, provisioning, security, payments, billing and analytics. There’s also a Cloudloop Tracking platform so that you can monitor your mobile assets. Customers can use as much or as little of the Cloudloop interface as they choose, as every function available within Cloudloop can be executed programmatically using our REST APIs.

How Cloudloop fits in

Frequently Asked Questions About Cloudloop


Subscription Manager

Iridium satellite phones such as the Iridium Extreme 9575
Iridium SBD devices
Iridium GO!
RUDICS and Iridium dial-up data services
Inmarsat BGAN
Inmarsat BGAN M2M

Device Manager

All Ground Control Certus 100 products: Rock Remote & Rock Remote Rugged
Inmarsat BGAN and BGAN M2M:
Explorer 510
Explorer 540
Explorer 710
Hughes 9502
Hughes 9202

Cloudloop Data

All Ground Control SBD Products
Iridium SBD Modules
Edge Solar
RockREMOTE and Iridium Certus IMT products

Cloudloop Tracking

Ground Control SBD Tracking Devices:

Cloudloop Burst

RockSTAR Burst
Iridium Burst devices

Does your project require a device not currently listed? Get in touch. Our engineers are constantly working to improve Cloudloop, so it might be that the device is already on our roadmap or can be added.


• Iridium SBD
• Iridium RUDICS
• Iridium Telephony
• Iridium Certus 100 / Iridium Messaging Transport (IMT)
• Iridium Certus 200
• Iridium Certus 700
• Inmarsat BGAN
• Inmarsat BGAN M2M
• Telit cellular

Is your airtime service not currently listed? Get in touch. Our engineers are constantly working to improve Cloudloop, so it might already be on our roadmap.


Using our fully featured API, you can take full control of your Iridium SBD, Certus, Satellite Phone and Inmarsat BGAN contracts and billing, and integrate them with your own platform. This makes it easy for you to activate, suspend, deactivate and review billing information programmatically via your own system.

In fact, Ground Control are the only Iridium Service Provider who will deliver your SBD data directly to and from your own Amazon SQS queues. We provide a CloudFormation stack which creates your queues and takes care of cross account permissions.


Cloudloop has been developed in such a way that it caters for developers, integrators or customers with little or no development knowledge. Integrated data destinations on SBD services are offered as a low/code or no code onboarding, with much of the development work done to facilitate connection to common destinations; cloud platforms or IoT dashboards.

Alternatively we provide the developer docs, API and example code for those who want to integrate our software into their own IoT solution, and feel they have more development expertise.

Either way our technical and development teams are always at hand for the extra support you might need.


The Cloudloop platform is available 24-7. If you need assistance our technical support teams are available to help, with UK office hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 GMT, US office hours: Monday to Friday 5:00 am – 5:00 pm PST. The easiest way to reach the team is to email

The Cloudloop platform is secure by design and protected by our Network Operations Engineering team. The Network Operations Center (NOC – coming soon) will enable users greater monitoring of their data over the satellite network, and facilitate further levels of firewall security.


It’s up to you. The Cloudloop platform provides a full suite of tools to help you remote manage your satellite IoT system from set up, through to platform permissions that give differing levels of account access, to data monitoring, airtime billing and device maintenance.

Equally you may wish to integrate the platform software into your own development, in which case the API, documentation and developer examples are available, ready to combine with your existing applications and features.


There is no subscription cost for using the Subscription, Data and Device elements of the Cloudloop platform. Recurring charges are for the use of monthly airtime subscription / Pay As You Go services or additional purchase of hardware and accessories. Our account management team can model your airtime subscription for you, so you can understand potential costs according to your projects’ airtime usage. Your actual costs can be reviewed within the Subscription Manager platform domain.

Contact for a demo of the platform and more information on airtime usage.

“It’s great to be able to see reliable itemized usage costs for all our Iridium devices!”

John Bilger, CEO

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