Connecting your smart farm sensors

Ground Control designs and builds IoT connectivity and tracking solutions for extremely remote locations. From livestock tracking through to data transmission from smart greenhouses, if your agri-tech data exists outside of cellular coverage (or cellular is unreliable), we have a solution for getting it back to you, so you can make great decisions that improve yield.


Working with farmers and agriculturists to deliver smart farming practices through reliable IoT technology

Remote connectivity

Many farms are located out of reach of consistent, reliable cellular connections. Ground Control specialises in bridging the connectivity gap with a blend of cellular and satellite airtime to record, transmit, and interpret data.

Increased productivity

We partner with sensor manufacturers who monitor and manage light, humidity, temperature, soil moisture and crop health. We ensure that data is provided in real-time, wherever the farm is, and whatever the conditions.

Automation and asset tracking

Devices like our RockREMOTE Rugged are used to monitor and manage tractors and trucks. The telemetry provided facilitates predictive maintenance as well as providing real-time data on asset location and trajectory.

Helping farmers in remote areas

Ground Control are already helping established Agritech organisations working with farmers in remote areas. These solutions enable our customers to report on critical crop data from remote locations and can be delivered rapidly, in order to meet seasonal requirements.

Kenyan-based Synnefa is a great example of this. Their FarmShield device combines multiple sensors and both cellular and satellite transceivers (in this case, the RockBLOCK 9602), which means that irrespective of where the device is, essential data on soil moisture, temperature, light intensity and nutrient levels can be transmitted in real-time. Synnefa's FarmCloud software then interprets the data to give farmers accurate projections of yield, and suggestions on when to water / fertilise their crops, reducing wastage and improving production.
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Satellite solutions for farming

RockBLOCK 9602

RockBLOCK makes it easy for developers to add Iridium satellite connectivity to your smart farm solution. If you have sensors in remote places, the RockBLOCK can transmit data in real-time, cost-effectively.

RockBLOCK 9602

RockREMOTE Rugged

Attach the RockREMOTE Rugged to your heavy machinery to get real-time telemetry on location, trajectory, payload, speed, fuel and condition monitoring data to aid with predictive maintenance.

RockREMOTE Rugged


The RockSTAR provides real-time tracking and two-way communication for remote field workers. If your team are venturing outside of cellular coverage, send one of these with them to ensure their safety.

RockSTAR Professional

IoT smart farming in action

Here to help

When you need to get data from the field to know the right time to harvest, instruct an irrigation system to start or stop, or see where your livestock and cattle are any time of day or night - and from anywhere - you need 100% reliable connectivity, and that’s where Ground Control can help. With hybrid cellular and satellite connectivity solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Whatever your communication or connectivity needs, we can help.