Real Time Satellite Tracking

Track fleets, aircraft, shipments, wildlife, people, events and drones

Asset tracking is one of the most common applications for satellite connectivity. If you, your team, or your goods, are travelling out of mobile network coverage, satellite is the only practical means of keeping track.

Ground Control has a distinguished history in manufacturing tracking devices. The popular RockAIR, RockSTAR and RockFLEET devices are manufactured at our Southampton, UK office, and shipped all over the world, for applications as diverse as animal tracking to military deployments, privately owned helicopters to international shipping fleets.

  • We design and build our own tracking devices
  • All of our devices come with access to Cloudloop, our web-based subscription and data management system
  • Our integrated tracking software includes configurable status alerts, report frequency and geo-fencing capabilities
  • If you have a tracking platform and want to integrate data from our products, we make this quick and easy
  • We also work with trusted partners to ensure that we have a wide range of satellite tracking devices.

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