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JCSys are an internationally trusted personnel tracking solutions provider, with global clients as diverse as the military, remote field workers, adventurers and ultra endurance athletes. Based in the UK, they’re fully accredited to work for the UK MoD and NATO.

By working collaboratively on hardware and firmware modifications to provide an end-to-end solution, JCS has successfully deployed our RockSTAR handheld devices to meet the specific situational awareness needs of their clients. This includes functionality such as the encryption of location data, pairing with BLE heart rate monitors, event geo-fencing and automated incident alerts.

JCSys is responsible for the safety of participants in some of the world’s toughest endurance events, and they take that responsibility extremely seriously. RockSTAR leverages the Iridium Short Burst Data satellite airtime service, which is ideal for JCSys as coverage is global, unaffected by weather conditions, and transmits data in close to real-time.

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  • People Tracking


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Our team provides technical experience and know-how to enable businesses to adopt satellite successfully, and we share this openly via opensource code, and example code. Our products enable rapid hardware prototyping, and simple APIs within our platform Cloudloop to transfer data to AWS.

We have the scale to access great pricing, and we promote self-service through the Cloudloop platform.

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