Race tracking and two-way communications

Ground Control works with adventure and race organisations to provide affordable GPS Event tracking and two-way communications, all over the world.

Through our partnerships with trusted manufacturers, software and satellite service providers, we promote safe competition. Organisers and teams are able to maintain communication, even in the most extreme environments, enabling effective team/base coordination and should the worst occur, efficient rescue. From yacht racing to car rallies, ultra marathons to educational expeditions, we’ve got you covered.


Safeguard participants

Truly global tracking and messaging solutions are a necessity for any endurance race, be it over sand dunes or across the ocean. Devices like the RockSTAR, deliver two-way SOS, short messages and GPS satellite network tracking, to better safeguard and support competitors. An ideal safety device for remote racing events, the RockSTAR unit works far beyond the reach of Wi-Fi and GSM networks, is waterproof, ruggedised, and built to withstand the most challenging environments.

Mobile Event Control

Reliable connectivity is vital for event coordination and with satellite internet, you can set up Event Control anywhere in the world, with a clear view of the sky. Portable internet solutions empower Managers to stay ontop of actions and issues in near real-time, coordinating between Event HQ, competitors and support crew as required.

Introducing YB Tracking

Ground Control is the parent company of YB Tracking, who have been providing tracking, monitoring and messaging devices for extreme races since 2009. YB started out by equipping yachts with waterproof, ruggedized, tracking devices that also enable short messages – texts, social media updates, short emails – to be sent and received. The applications for other off-the-beaten-track events were soon apparent, and YB devices are being used for land, sea and air events.

If you are looking for a single, personal use tracker or to rent units for a short period of time, YB is the correct choice. Likely to conduct your event more than once and looking to purchase hardware for longer-term use? Get in touch, our team can help.

Live status reports

With satellite enabled GPS tracking beacons, not only do participants benefit from the near real-time knowledge of competitor location, so do spectators. Live status reports further promote remote expedition and race safety, while also allowing more accurate and efficient roll call, scoring and ultimately an enhanced viewer experience.

Team Coordination

Secure a competitive edge for your race team, maintaining reliable voice and data throughout. Better align base logistics and race teams with robust, reliable communications, enabling real-time practical, mission-oriented weather and navigation updates, to drive teams safely across the finish line.

Why work with Ground Control on live race tracking?

Global coverage

Irrespective of whether your event takes place on land, air or sea, if your competitors and Event HQ have a clear view of the sky, they will be able to transmit and receive data using satellite connectivity.

Live tracking data

Cloudloop, our online platform, enables you to efficiently manage assets, monitor alerts and status updates and set up geo-fences to provide early warning if a device has gone inside/outside a certain area.

Value-added partners

We work with a number of exceptional companies, both for hardware devices such as the Explorer 323, and for software applications for specific use cases. Our partners allow us to offer end-to-end solutions for almost any Event.

You’re in safe hands

For races, adventures, educational trips, and everything in between. Ground Control ensures competitors, participants and students can be tracked in virtually real-time, and where appropriate, provided with reliable, global two-way communication.

With our sister company YB Tracking, we have extensive events tracking experience, so for unparalleled, objective advice get in touch.