Autonomous operations for remote mining

In 2020, the top 40 global mining businesses, which account for the vast majority of the industry’s revenue, generated $656 billion in sales. The industry is huge. However, ensuring the operational efficiency of these mines through traditional forms of connectivity can be a challenge. There are many limitations for data transmission in the mining industry, including the limited accessibility of underground areas and the weak coverage of traditional radio waves.

Satellite communication provides a highly-available communication solution – critical for the operational success of mining across the globe.


Improve mining efficiency and make better decisions with real-time access to operations data

Improve miners' safety

Use satellite-enabled, two-way communications - including text, emails and voice calls - to stay connected to miners, engineers and mobile teams in both routine conversations and emergency response situations

Maintain standards and regulations

Harness M2M and IIoT technologies to transmit accurate and real-time data in compliance efficiently with safety requirements and environmental regulations

Drive mining operational efficiency

Remotely monitor vehicles, machinery and equipment performance in real-time to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and extend their life through predictive maintenance

RockREMOTE for remote mining applications

The highly adaptable RockREMOTE guarantees robust communication and provides the vital link to ensure that critical and operational data keeps flowing when the grid stops.

Designed to solve complex remote IoT problems, the device effectively gathers and analyses data for mining applications to optimize loading and hauling operations. It’s also suitable for all weather and delivers real-time data transmission. The solution, coupled with a rugged design, is ideal for both fixed and mobile environments.

Combining a rich terminal feature set and wide-ranging integration possibilities, the RockREMOTE can not only help solve short-term challenges, but it can also support the evolution of mining IoT application needs over time.

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Reliable communications

Handheld, all-weather and easily operable, the Iridium PTT handset is ideal for continuous communication, connecting lone workers and even signaling SOS at the touch of a button.

Continuous operations

Power unreliability and outages at mines can halt operations for hours, days and even weeks. The loss of power or connectivity has a direct and negative impact on revenues, as well as customer perception. Satellite solutions can deliver 99.9% uptime, even in the most remote environments that are prone to high winds, snow and extreme heat.

Effective fleet management

Ground Control’s fleet tracking devices not only provide real-time data on an asset’s location, it also transmits vital telemetry data. With the RockFLEET, mining operators know where their vehicles are and devices can be used to measure payload, optimise delivery routes and even capture early warnings of essential maintenance.

Performance monitoring

To ensure efficient and optimal operations, performance monitoring is essential. Teams must be able to respond to any damages or issues as quickly as possible. And as mines are mostly located in remote areas, satellite connectivity is often the best choice for reliability and security. Completely redundant, private network systems can be created to support even the most remote operations.

Lone worker safety

Field technicians and engineers need to remain connected with their base of operations to complete tasks and for their safety. Arguably however, this is even more vital for those within the Oil & Gas industry, as oilfield work can be very dangerous and 54% of lone workers reported feeling unsafe at work. In addition to satellite phones, portable devices like the MCD MissionLINK can prove particularly useful.

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