RockREMOTE Mini OEM is a lightweight subassembly easily embedded into a new product or remote IoT solution. It transmits IoT data using the Iridium Certus 100 service via TCP/IP or Iridium Messaging Transport (IMT).

It’s designed to save space, economize on power usage, and make your satellite IoT data transfer as cost effective as possible. Just add an Iridium Certus-compatible antenna, power supply, and serial or I/O interface and ethernet.

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The Mini OEM provides a broad range of connectivity options. Make TCP/IP connections via ethernet (external magnetics are required to complete the ethernet hardware connection), or use the efficient IMT messaging service. All essential non-RF connections are made using a single 30 way 2×15 header (2.0mm pitch). A UART interface is available on the PCB, and it operates at a voltage level compatible with digital logic circuits. Configuration of the device’s ethernet LAN and the WAN is accomplished via Bluetooth (BLE) using a companion app or developer API.

In addition to the device development, Ground Control provides:

  • I/O, serial and ethernet interface development board
  • Design guidelines that support EMC Compliance certification
  • Support and guidance through the Iridium review process
  • Developer friendly API, documentation, and coding examples
  • Backend account management tools for resellers or account holders
  • Practical expertise via our technical support team
Cloudloop Data
  • PCB assembly with mounting chassis
  • Premium satellite data connectivity via the built-in Iridium Certus 100 module
  • Simple to deploy, IP-based over Ethernet or utilize Iridium Messaging Transport
  • Iridium Certus 100 TCP/IP: 22Kbps up / 88Kbps down
  • Various IO options that can be enabled with add-on daughter cards ranging from 4 channels digital I/O to 4 channels universal I/O
  • Compact size, providing ease of integration into small spaces
  • Optimized, low power consumption, less than 0.25W in receive mode
  • Tri-color LED for indication of various operating modes
  • Designed for easy installation using just four screw mounts
  • Leverage Cloudloop platform for remote configuration, integrated data destinations and dashboards
  • Wireless configuration of the OEM using a smartphone app via BLE
  • All functionality within Cloudloop is also accessible via developer API, documentation, and example coding
  • Configurable firewall
  • Over-The-Air firmware updates
  • Full developer support – guidance with design recommendations to support successful integration into your project
  • Utilize AT command set for IMT message exchange

Physical & Environmental

  • Size: 175 x 60 x 37.1mm
  • Weight: 310g
  • The device is designed with pre-drilled fixing holes, allowing for easy mechanical fastening to other structures
  • Iridium antenna cable. Design Guidelines available
  • Operating Temperature: -40C to +70C <95% RH
  • EMC Compliance: OEM tested as part of the RockREMOTE Mini. Design guidelines available
  • Power cabling – to be supplied by the OEM customer


  • Iridium Certus 100: IP (22/88 Kbps) and IMT (100 KB per message)
  • BLE 5.0


  • Available on pinout. The customer needs to provide magnetics
  • Serial RS232 or RS4xx
  • UART – Logic Level UART accessible on the PCB
  • Digital – General Purpose I/O. GPIO port 2 inputs, 2 outputs. Available on multiway header
  • U.FL connector to external antenna (position on PCBA for connection of a GNSS antenna)
  • MMCX connector to external antenna – for connection of recommended Certus 100 antenna
  • 30 way, multiway pin header – for power, serial, ethernet and GPIO connections
  • SIM card slot for standard (2FF) satellite


  • Voltage required 10-30V DC
  • Power consumption:<10mW >
  • PEAK current draw: <1.66A @ 12V, 833mA @ 24V, 10% duty cycle during Iridium transit

These are some example prices for airtime. For full details of our Iridium Certus 100 airtime, please visit our Certus 100 Service Plans page.

Low Usage
Mid Usage
High Usage
Included Data:
1 MB
30 MB
200 MB
Price Per Month:
Overage Fee / MB:
Low Usage
Mid Usage
High Usage
Included Data:
1 MB
30 MB
200 MB
Price Per Month:
Overage Fee / MB:

The following items are supplied with your RockREMOTE OEM:

  • Mini OEM Terminal

Optionally, you may also have been provided with:

  • Developer kit interface board
  • Iridium Certus stub antenna (internal mounting) – SMA male connection
  • 30cm MMCX to SMA antenna cable

Iridium Certus 100 bandwidth enables TCP/IP speeds of 22 Kbps up/ 88 Kbps down. The optional Iridium Messaging Transport (IMT) reduces IP overheads and provides an alternative data transfer packet size, from 1 to 100,000 bytes. An Iridium Certus 100 antenna is therefore required for the full OEM solution, and design guidelines for this are offered with the product.

Cloudloop Data, part of Ground Control’s IoT platform provides the controls to manage and organize remote data flow from device to Iridium, back to Ground Control, or your preferred data destination, with ease. The backend integration with common data destinations has already been done, and associated APIs are available to integrate the functionality into your own system.

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RockREMOTE Mini OEM transfers your IoT data over satellite, using IP or message-based transmissions. This versatile satellite development kit provides all the functionality of the Mini but without the casing, so you can integrate the PCB into your own design and bring your remote data home.

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