Being able to reliably route, monitor and control resource delivery is the centre of the critical infrastructure for every Utility company. Automating control across the entire network enables companies to rapidly respond to outages, fluctuations or peaks in demand. But none of this is possible without reliable data and connectivity.

Connecting Your Most Remote Sites

Complete Visibility

Facilitate data retrieval from your networks, plants, treatment environments and customers with unreliable or limited terrestrial coverage, utilizing reliable, robust, low latency and global satellite connectivity.

Secure Infrastructure

Satellite is inherently secure, and you can enhance cybersecurity with customized firewalls, encryption, and where appropriate, by creating systems completely redundant from public networks and infrastructure.

Two-Way Communication

While we’re often called upon to create a solution to capture and transmit aggregated sensor data, if you need to remotely control your assets, that’s completely viable over satellite, too, and we can help.

Optimize Distribution

With a satellite IoT solution, you can mitigate reaching redundant capacity and further optimize utility distribution, by backhauling data from remote gateways, to drive AI and predictive analytics.

Automated Monitoring and Control

In the power sector alone, 53% report they are unable to fully monitor connected systems. Ground Control delivers two way satellite connectivity throughout the network, using BGAN terminals in “dead zones”.

Our own hybrid Iridium Certus / LTE product, the RockREMOTE, also guarantees robust communication, while bridging the gap between legacy technology and digital service evolution – supporting both IP and serial M2M.

BGAN install utilities

Resilient Failover Communications

Communication networks often have stringent availability requirements, which need to be rapidly restored following a connection failure.

Ground Control offers backup terrestrial networks in case of system failures, and facilitate secure IoT network backhaul, to ensure your data keeps flowing, even when the grid stops.

One customer operates a critically important gas pipeline. To run production they must have two out of three means of communicating with the sensors along the pipeline operational at any given time. They have two satellite links and one cellular. In 16 years, neither satellite connection has ever failed, illustrating the value of having a non-terrestrial network as part of your infrastructure resilience.

Field Workforce Safety and Enablement

Field technicians need to remain connected with their base of operations for their safety, to complete tasks and submit reports, and for their well-being. Personal tracking devices like the RockSTAR deliver peace of mind, with location updates, up to every 15 seconds.

A developing use of portable satellite communication devices such as the MCD-4800 and MCD-MissionLINK is to allow on-site engineers to liaise in real-time with back office staff. The goal is to enable the engineer to resolve problems without needing to deploy more people into the field, saving time and money, and restoring services more quickly.


Can Satellite be an Effective PSTN Replacement?

In this webinar, we explore the challenge presented by the PSTN switch off, particularly the impact upon utilities companies. We’ll propose satellite connectivity as a solution to these challenges, but this offers you a broad spectrum of possibilities, so we explore the best options for this application.

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Infrastructure, Security and Storms

The key to operational success in Utilities is to collect accurate, real-time data throughout the supply chain. But data collection is increasingly fraught with risk as cyber-criminals target infrastructure. Our latest eBook explores the challenge and the options available to utilities companies.

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You’re In Safe Hands

We understand the challenges facing Utilities and Renewables companies. Our team are experts in getting data from hard-to-reach places – so you don’t have to be.

We are proud to have provided one of our utility customers with 27 years uninterrupted service, making satellite that company’s most reliable system. To learn more about our solutions and how these can help you consistently provide better for your customers, get in touch today.

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